The Church of Almighty God | Defaming the Church of Almighty God with the Zhaoyuan Murder Is to Create Public Opinion for Slaughter

Defaming the Church of Almighty God with the Zhaoyuan Murder Is to Create Public Opinion for Slaughter

by Liu Liang

    On May 28, 2014, a serious murder happened in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. The CCP fabricated rumors and shifted the blame onto the Church of Almighty God, and the media publicized it and created an uproar. The incident is purely a criminal murder case. But why did the CCP present it as one concerning religious belief? What inside story and ulterior motive are hidden in it? Now let’s dissect it together and expose the CCP’s fabrications in Shandong Zhaoyuan incident and the CCP’s wild ambition and evil and ugly true face, so that people will not be deceived by its high-sounding words.

    Let’s first have a review of how the murder in Zhaoyuan City happened: At 9:10 p.m. on May 28, 2014, the six suspects including Zhang, who was native to Hebei Province, came in a Porsche to the McDonald’s where the murder happened. When having dinner, Zhang and company asked for the phone number of the victim Wu who was also dining there. After she refused, they surrounded and beat her. They struck her head with tools like the steel shaft of a mop and beat her to death on the spot. The onlookers there recorded the whole incident with mobile phones and uploaded it to the Internet. The incident was very clear, yet from the report of the CCP, the case appeared complicated and confusing and had many doubtful points.

    I. The CCP’s Obvious Fabrications Can Be Easily Exposed

    Why is it that no one believes it when Zhang is said to be “a cultist,” but people are all willing to believe that he is an owner of a gold mine? Apart from the fact that the CCP’s credibility has been totally lost, what’s more important is that its fabrications are too obvious and can deceive no one!

    The two microblogs from Zhaoyuan police first gave themselves away. The microblog Zhaoyuan police issued on May 29, 2014 says, “Around 9 p.m. on May 28, at a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan City, Zhang and the other five had a quarrel with Wu who was also dining there. The six of them beat Wu and wounded her. Later, Wu died despite rescue measures. After the crime, the police from Zhaoyuan Public Security Bureau quickly reacted and caught Zhang and the other five on the spot. After the preliminary investigation, Zhang and the other five confessed their crime of beating Wu. Now, the case is under further investigation.”

    From the microblog, it can be obviously seen that the police were lying, because Wu was beaten to death on the spot, which can be easily seen from the video spread on the web. And there are also reports on the large portals such as NetEase and Sohu that “the victim died outside the hospital.” The police were partial to the murderers, which proved that the murderers have official background. The police had a masterly choice of words in the report: Having “a quarrel” means that “the victim is also to blame,” so the crime of the suspects is “not so serious for them to be sentenced to death”; “death despite rescue measures” means that the victim didn’t “die on the spot,” so the crime of the murderers is “not so serious for them to be sentenced to death”; and describing their behavior as “beating” means that the murderers didn’t “intentionally kill,” so their crime is “not so serious for them to be sentenced to death.” In this microblog, judging from the masterly choice of words, there must be some able person who is proficient at the criminal law giving advice behind and helping the murderers beat the rap.

    Now let’s read the blog the police issued on May 31, 2014, “On the evening of May 28, an intentional murder happened at a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan City. After the murder, the police from Zhaoyuan Public Security Bureau arrived on the scene within four minutes and caught all the six suspects on the spot.

    At 9:19 p.m. of that day, the 110 Directing Center of Zhaoyuan Public Security Bureau received a call for police service from a citizen, ‘Some people are fighting at a McDonald’s.’ At 9:23 p.m., the police on duty arrived on the scene, and kept the suspects committing the crime under control on the spot and sent the victim Wu to the hospital for treatment. At 9:48 p.m., Wu died despite rescue measures.

    The investigation shows that the six suspects, Zhang XX (male, jobless), native from Hebei, his eldest daughter Zhang X (jobless), his second daughter Zhang X (jobless), his son Zhang X (dropout), and Zhang XX (female, jobless), native from Hebei, and Lv XX (female, jobless), native from Shandong are members of a cult organization ‘Almighty God.’ To recruit members for the cult organization, they asked for phone numbers from people around who were dining at the McDonald’s. After the victim refused, they beat her. Now, except the son of Zhang XX who hasn’t reached the age for criminal responsibility and will be handled separately, the rest five are all held in criminal detention on suspicion of intentional murder according to law. Now, materials of the cult such as books of ‘Almighty God’ have been searched out in their living place. The Special Case Investigation Team of the provincial and municipal public security organs will further intensify its efforts on case investigation and severely crack down on various criminal activities of the cult organizations and effectively protect the safety of the lives and properties of the people.”

    From the two blogs on 29th and 31st, one can clearly see these: The murder happened on 28th, but the police only described the case lightly in the blog issued on 29th. In the blog of 31st, it claimed that Zhang and the other five were members of the Church of Almighty God and widely publicized and reported it, but neither of the blogs mentioned the names of the murderers. The suspects murdered in public place and were caught red-handed, and the waiters of the McDonald’s and customers could all see it then. Since there are both human testimony and material evidence and the case has been solved, is it necessary for the police to conceal the names of the criminals?

    Should the names of the suspects for the murder at McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan be publicized? Some netizens who know about the law answered, “First, there are no names of adult suspects that the law forbids to publicize; second, if the investigation can be hindered, the case should be kept secret, but this isn’t such a case; third, if the case has too many doubts or it is a light case, to protect the rights and interests of the suspect, his name shouldn’t be publicized. But this isn’t such a case.”

    What on earth are the backgrounds of the suspects? The more the police concealed them, the more it aroused the people’s attention. The netizens found through flesh search that Zhang is actually an owner of a gold mine. The state strictly prohibits private people from exploiting gold mines, but Zhang can privately exploit the gold mine in the locality. We don’t know how much illegal money the local officials have received from him.

    CCTV, the mouthpiece of the CCP, didn’t directly give a full and accurate report about what happened and how the case was judged, but created fabrications in its report and frenziedly defamed the Church of Almighty God. It was reported that Zhang and the other five were jobless and the whole family hadn’t worked for seven years, but they drove a Porsche newly purchased in 2013. The interview report is inconsistent and can hardly justify itself. Careful people will all find that the model of the criminal Zhang’s Porsche is WP1AG292, and its offer price in the second-hand goods market is 1,160,000 yuan. So, people will doubt this: They are such a big family, and they haven’t worked for seven years and maintained their life only by the money earned before; can they afford an imported extravagant car? The CCP was clearly lying through its teeth! Besides, the license number of the criminal Zhang’s Porsche is Lu YVD110. Can ordinary people use such a license number? The three figures “110” are too conspicuous! It was originally a serious criminal murder case. When it happened, the police played it down, but three days later, it was widely publicized to be a murder committed by a cult organization. The CCP’s intention is really sinister enough!

    II. It’s Purely Framing to Say that the Criminal Zhang Is a Member of the Church of Almighty God

    The CCP reported that the criminal was a member of the Church of Almighty God. It’s untenable to conclude that Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God by just judging from his confession and the books searched out in his living place. It’s purely framing and defaming. This is because there are principles for one to be accepted into the Church of Almighty God. He must be examined and approved by the local church leaders and deacons together. To verify that Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God, it must be verified by the Church of Almighty God, and it even more needs the acknowledgement of most of God’s chosen people in the Church of Almighty God. The Church of Almighty God only accepts those who genuinely believe in God and have a good humanity, and no wicked one will be accepted. Once a wicked person is discovered, he will be expelled, because Almighty God only does the work to save those who love the truth and have humanity. There are principles for preaching the gospel in the Church of Almighty God, “Only those who truly believe in their heart that there is God and are willing to seek the true way and have a good humanity can be preached to.” and “Never preach to those who have a very bad humanity, who have a bad reputation, who can do anything bad, or who are wicked people.” Such wicked people like Zhang who also has an underworld background are simply not the objects to whom the Church of Almighty God preaches the gospel, and the Church of Almighty God will by no means accept them.

    There is also the administrative decree in the Church of Almighty God, “Do not drag in any of your unbelieving relatives (such as your children, husband, wife, sisters, or parents). God’s family is not short of men and does not need useless men to make up the number. Do not bring into the church anyone who is not willing to believe. This article is directed at all people. You should restrain each other, oversee each other, and warn each other concerning this. No one shall offend it. Even if your unbelieving relatives reluctantly enter into the church, they shall not be given books or given a new name. Such ones are not men of God’s family. Prevent by all means all such ones from entering into the church.” In preaching the gospel, the Church of Almighty God never forces anyone to accept. So there can’t at all be such a thing as the gospel-preaching members beat others because of their being unwilling to believe. Zhang said in the interview that the victim was an evil spirit and should be beaten to death, which obviously showed that Zhang was a frenzied and merciless member of the underworld, but not a member of the Church of Almighty God. It can be seen that the CCP’s word that the criminals are members of the Church of Almighty God is purely distorting the fact and framing!

    III. Defaming the Church with Zhaoyuan Murder Is to Create Public Opinion for Slaughter

    The CCP has a very famous word, “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery…. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” The CCP says that and does so. It took over and started by lies and violence and also runs the country by lies and violence. Since the CCP came to power in 1949, to stabilize its dictatorial rule, its habitual means has been to first make public opinion with lies to open a way for its violent suppression, and then use lies to cover up its crimes of violent suppression.

    In just over 60 years since the CCP came to power, it has created numerous events of fabricating lies and bloodily massacring, causing thousands of people to die under its butcher’s knife. For example, in 1989, the CCP created the world-shocking June Fourth Massacre with lies and violence, and its cruel means were abominable! It happened in mid-April, when many students and citizens in Beijing demonstrated, appealing for solutions to the CCP’s high-level corruption and the human rights and liberty problems, and so on. During that period, the students constantly called on the troops not to resort to force by broadcasting, “We’re petitioning peacefully, for the sake of the democracy and freedom of our country and for the sake of the prosperity of the Chinese nation. Please comply with the will of the people, and don’t use force on the students who are petitioning peacefully….” But how could the CCP government accept such an appeal? In order to justifiably carry out the suppression by force, it dispatched the soldiers to disguise themselves as students and mingle in the crowd to create disturbances and then shifted the blame onto the students. Thus, with it as an excuse, it called in the troops, which at around 2 a.m. on June 4 began to frenziedly crush the demonstrating students with tanks and armored cars and shoot them with machine guns. For a time, Tiananmen Square flowed with rivers of blood and countless people died and were wounded….

    After the event, the CCP tried various means to block the information to cover up what really happened, and at the same time, it listed as wanted, arrested, and sentenced and imprisoned many students and intellectuals who participated in the demonstration. Additionally, the CCP listed topics about the June Fourth Event as sensitive ones and forbade them to be talked about, attempting to erase its towering crimes. Thus most ordinary citizens, especially the young generation, know nothing about the June Fourth Event. The event incurred the western democracies’ strong protest against and denunciation of that act of violence of the CCP, and they even froze the bilateral relationship and imposed various sanctions against the CCP.

    Since the CCP came to power, to attack its dissidents and ensure its dictatorial rule, it has painstakingly contrived too numerous bloody suppression cases like the June Fourth Event. This time in Zhaoyuan Murder, the CCP played the same old trick again, creating a false case to frame and defame the Church of Almighty God and induce the public to shift their attention so as to cover up its scandals inside and direct their real attack at religious belief. Just as a net friend pointed out, “It uses the so-called cult organization to shift the attention of the public, in the hope that the public won’t pay attention to the details of a series of things of police shielding criminals and the darkness of the money-power deals behind!” Additionally, it presented a criminal case as that of religious belief, causing a pure criminal case to change in nature and involving more people into the incident, so that it can convict them politically and then carry out a bloody suppression and frenzied slaughter of members of the Church of Almighty God and all house churches at home.

    IV. The CCP Resists the True God Because of Its Devilish Substance

    The CCP’s fabricating lies and defaming the Church of Almighty God is decided by its satanic and devilish nature. Now is just the time the gospel of the Church of Almighty God is being widely spread. In the west, on newspapers and every major website publish in succession the words expressed by Almighty God and the experience testimony videos and articles of the Christians in the Church of Almighty God being persecuted by the CCP. From this time on, the CCP devil’s ugly face is completely exposed to the light. Seeing that, the CCP fears that its towering crimes will cause the people of the world to crusade against it. Thus it frenziedly counterattacks and fabricates lies to defame the Church of Almighty God, attempting to abolish God’s work.

    Actually, since Almighty God, the Lord Jesus who returned in the flesh, carried out his end-time work in China, the CCP has been frenziedly persecuting the Church of Almighty God. It uses various means to arrest and try to kill followers of God, attempting to destroy and abolish God’s end-time work. The CCP’s towering crimes of persecuting Almighty God are so much like those in history: Two thousand years ago, since Jesus was born, he was hunted and persecuted by King Herod; and he was arrested by the Roman government during his work and was finally crucified. When the Jesus returning in the flesh in the end time came to work in China, he also suffers the CCP’s long-term hunting and persecution. The reason is that Christ expresses words and brings to mankind the true light, and most of those who thirst for the true light have returned before Almighty God and thus have had discernment of the CCP’s evil rule and have no longer accepted its dark rule. The CCP fears that its evil deeds might be exposed to the world, and even more worries that all people will reject it, so it extremely hates God and the Church of Almighty God, and sticks at nothing to create incidents to defame the Church of Almighty God and then carry on its bloody suppression “lawfully,” attempting to thoroughly abolish the Church of Almighty God and exterminate all followers of Almighty God and thus build and solidify its “region without God.”

    He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. The CCP is guilty of the most heinous crimes, which are too numerous to record! It will surely be cast into hell by God in God’s wrath, which is the most proper outcome God arranges for it.

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