The Church of Almighty God | The CCP Is Actually the Biggest Evil Party, the Cult, in the World

The CCP Is Actually the Biggest Evil Party, the Cult, in the World

by Yi Ke

    Regarding the recent matter of the CCP fabricating lies against and framing and discrediting the Church of Almighty God through Zhaoyuan homicide case, the CCP just gave a slight explanation of this serious homicide case and then it actually turned a serious criminal case to a matter of religious belief. Under the watchful eyes of the people, the CCP played the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief,” confused the concepts, shifted the attention, deceived the people, and covered up the true fact. It can be seen that to crack down on the Church of Almighty God is its real purpose. Just think: The Communist Party is an atheist. As a party that doesn’t believe there is God, does it have qualification to comment on which is an orthodoxy and which is a cult? Its comment itself is wrong. Then, which on earth is the real cult?

    As everyone knows, China is the Communist Party one-party dictatorship, a dictatorial rule. The Chinese have been forcibly instilled the CCP’s ideologies and theories in, and they received its education and nurturing all the time, passively receiving everything from it, and being unable to tell right from wrong. Just as someone says on the Internet, “It never tells you what has actually happened, but only lets you hate blindly, fear unaccountably, live foolishly, and die ignorant.” In the country ruled by the CCP, there’s no democracy or freedom for the people, but only oppression and slaughter. Therefore, factors of instability exist everywhere. Although the CCP spent a great sum of money in carrying out the so-called safeguarding stability every year, people didn’t see any stability at all. In recent years, in those bloody, violent, and serious cases happened in China, countless people were cut up or hacked to death. One may be hacked or killed at the railway station, at the roadside, at the subway station, at school, in the kindergarten, in the market, or even in the doorway. Those who commit assaults include terrorists, gangsters, cops, soldiers, armies, and those from urban administration. With such social conditions, the CCP is still presenting a false appearance of peace and prosperity, advocating everywhere that China is in the millennium of harmony and the people are enjoying a good and prosperous life. It’s really shameless! Living in such a country, people have no sense of security, not knowing who will be the next one to be hacked. People really wonder whether this country is the human world or hell.

    The reason for it is that the CCP itself is the biggest evil party, the cult, in the world. This is not a groundless rumor but is supported by the historical evidence. What the Communist Party believes in is the communism fabricated by Marx. Marx was a theist at first. Later, he joined the satan sect, which was a mysterious and weird organization. It had a kind of “black meeting,” in which they prayed at midnight, with black candles on and black curtains drawn. The candles were placed upside down and the cross was placed upside down or was trampled underfoot. In each meeting, they burnt a Bible, swore to commit the seven deadly sins in Catholic doctrines and never to do anything good, and then indulged themselves in revelries. When Marx joined the satan sect, he admitted, in his poems and novels, that he had signed a contract with satan, cursing all mankind to go to hell, including the workers and those who fight for communism. Afterward, he frenziedly did what the devils do, and “Marxism” came into being right after he joined the Devil sect. The reason why he wrote those books was that he wanted to bring all mankind into the devils’ world, into hell, for he swore that he would be against mankind and curse men to go to hell. Thus people often say, “Believe in Marx while living, and go to meet Marx after dying.” Sadly, the CCP regarded these evil things against mankind as wise and godly.

    When the Communist Party was first founded, it regarded Marx as the absolute truth in the universe and made him a spiritual god. What the Communist Party itself believes in is a belief against believing. Take the black and white in the world as a contrast. White stands for people’s normal belief, while what the Communist Party believes in is black, a cult. The orthodox belief means believing in God, believing that God is the Ruler of all things and the source of life of all things, and that God created all things, rules over all things, and supplies all things, and supplies mankind with truths, so that man will fear God and shun evil and live out the likeness of a real man. However, the Communist Party rejects morality, doesn’t believe in God or honor Heaven, and is against moral principles and humanity, arrogant and self-conceited and extremely selfish. Mao Zedong advocated that it was a great pleasure to fight against Heaven, against the earth, and against the people. He acted against Heaven, ran counter to right principles, denied God, and didn’t believe in God’s Spirit, yet he made himself God, projecting himself as a savior, and jumped onto the table and had people worship him, without any shame. From its birth until now, the Communist Party always took class struggle, violent revolution, and proletarian dictatorship as the central doctrines in its doings. What it manifested were savage acts such as annihilation, smashing, breaking up, violence, and so on, without any restraint of the bottom line of morals. As long as it’s the need of the Party’s cause, it will do all kinds of evil things willfully. As a result, bloody violence and slaughter are everywhere.

    From the historical facts of the Communist Party afflicting Chinese people over these sixty years since it came into power, it can be seen that the Communist Party has been using violence to seize political power all along. It believes that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun and makes a revolution with two kitchen knives. The Communist Party’s education has been consistently centering on class struggle, violent revolution and proletarian dictatorship, which resulted in the so-called communist revolutions full of bloody massacres: the movements against the three evils and the five evils, the great famine, the Cultural Revolution, the June Fourth Massacre, suppressing Falun Gong, removing body organs alive, oppressing and persecuting those who safeguarded rights and had objections, and so on. If people made a little mistake, they would be beaten half dead. During the Cultural Revolution, as long as you said a wrong word, you would be beheaded. Instead of being killed right away, you would be persecuted first and then killed. Deng Xiaoping once proposed killing another 200,000 people to stabilize the country for another 20 years, and so on. The Communist Party is against the people and against mankind, and treats people’s life as straw. The red terror of the Communist Party regime has lasted for about one century and affected half the world, with the result that tens of millions of people died. Such a belief of the Communist Party, which created the hell on earth, is exactly the No. 1 cult in the world.

    The CCP, the cult, itself is completely above the law and ignores the law. People can often hear the law enforcement officers’ arrogant words that “I’m the law.” The CCP also has a set of measures in managing its own members. Concerning its organization and administration, it has the so-called “domestic discipline” inside. If anyone disobeys the so-called “domestic discipline” of the organization, it can limit his freedom at will, such as “regulating him at the prescribed time and place” or making him “disappear mysteriously,” and so on. There is no democracy in the Communist Party, and it’s autocratic. These all fully manifest its cultic characteristics. The autocracy of the dictatorial rule is embodied in everything. Among the leaders of the evil party, Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping ordered to carry out the June Fourth Massacre, and Jiang Zemin persecuted Falun Gong. Moreover, in recent years, the suppression of the populace is carried on. All these are the evil consequences brought by the one-party dictatorship. In the common people’s real life, numerous cases of people being beaten to death or wounded in the forcibly dismantling of their houses can be seen, and people’s being beaten by the those from the urban administration is even more common. Such things as digging others’ ancestral graves, swindling and robbing, plundering the people’s possessions, and so on are happening every day. The ironclad facts have proved that only the evil party, the cult, can do those things. The facts sufficiently show that the CCP is a thorough cult.

    After the homicide case of Zhaoyuan, CCTV listed the points by which to tell whether one is a cult. First, a cult has strong exclusiveness and always proclaims that it’s the greatest. Second, a cult strongly compels others. Through brainwashing and blowing its own trumpet, it establishes its correctness. Third, a cult has the characteristic of profiting from oppressing others. Fourth, a cult uses nepotism and other means to build its inner connection network so as to ensure its benefit. Fifth, a cult often speaks kindly, but in fact, it does the most sordid things. The People’s Daily listed three characteristics of a cult. The first one: Worshiping the founder of a religion (which exactly suits the leaders of the CCP, Mao, Deng, Jiang); the second one: Mind controlling (which exactly accords with the slogan that the CCP instills into people’s minds: Fight for communism for a lifetime, be ready to sacrifice everything for the Party at any time, and never betray the Party); the third one: Making up heresies (which are exactly what the theories advocated by the CCP are: One center, Two basic points, Three Represents, Four Cardinal Principles, Five don’ts…). These several characteristics of a cult described by The People’s Daily completely conform with those of the CCP, and they are the true picture of what the CCP does. The CCP is an atheist, so what qualification does it have to define what a cult is? It’s a very ridiculous thing and is entirely nonsense. It’s just like a man who doesn’t know what money is talking a lot about what counterfeit money is, which is ridiculous to the extreme! Moreover, the Communist Party is very good at distorting the fact, confounding black and white, pretending and deceiving, and playing the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief.” Clearly, it itself is evil and reactionary, but it pretends to be right and just and does its utmost to proclaim that the CCP is “great, glorious, and correct,” which is the CCP’s consistent means. The one who can deceive, cheat, fool, corrupt, and slaughter mankind most in the world is the Communist Party.

    How to differentiate between the cult and orthodoxy? There are principles of the truth to seek in it, and they are not differentiated according to any political party or any person’s view at will, much less according to any state or any constitution. If they’re differentiated in this way, it’s unfair. First, we must be certain what “rightness” is and then we can be certain about the true way. Only the truth is the positive thing, and is the root of anything “right.” Where does the truth come from? The truth comes from Christ, and Christ is the embodiment of God’s Spirit, so the truth comes from God. All those come from God are positive things. Only the word of the Creator is the truth, and only the incarnated Christ can express the truth. This is Heaven’s will and a heavenly rule. No nation, political party, or group can disobey, much less resist or oppose. Whoever disobeys, resists, or opposes will bring destruction upon himself. It completely fulfills God’s word that the corrupt mankind brings destruction upon itself all because of resisting God. In the world and among human society, all positive things are in accordance with Heaven’s will and people’s will. What is in accordance with Heaven’s will and people’s will is the orthodoxy. Believing in God is in accordance with Heaven’s will as well as people’s will. Being in accordance with people’s will means that most of mankind approve of believing in God, and they can all confirm in conscience that believing in God is walking the right way and say that the believers in God are decent and good people. So it is right and proper to believe in and obey God and worship the Creator, and it is a positive thing. What’s “evil”? “Evil” means not being in accordance with Heaven’s will, and even more acting against Heaven, running counter to right principles, and disobeying Heaven’s will and people’s will. Then, which things disobey Heaven’s will and people’s will? Not allowing people to believe in God is disobeying Heaven’s will and people’s will. All doings that mankind disapproves of and condemns in the conscience and sense are evil. All those men approve of, admit, and acknowledge in the conscience are positive things. Believing in God is a positive thing. All those things that resist God, condemn God, and oppose God are negative things. Negative things are completely done by satan the evil force. If we can be certain about what is rightness and what is evil, it will be easy to distinguish what the orthodoxy is and what a cult is. To put it more exactly, all churches that believe in the true God are the orthodoxy, all those who believe in false gods, evil spirits, or satan the devil are cults, and all those who advocate the fallacies and heresies of resisting God, such as atheism and evolutionism, and so on are cults.

    On the excuse of the Zhaoyuan homicide case and under the name of so-called cracking down on the “cult,” the CCP attempts to carry out a larger-scale suppression and persecution of the Church of Almighty God. The CCP frames and discredits the Church of Almighty God, and it will surely receive the wrath of Heaven. Over these years, the communists who do evil and kill people are numerous. The one who truly does evil is the CCP, the evil party; the one who really should be banned is the Communist Party, satan the evil spirit. It always deceives the ignorant people, covers up the true facts, and puts a good façade. Now, Almighty God’s coming has brought the truth and the light, cleared our eyes, and torn open the CCP’s hypocritical veil, so that we have seen clearly the CCP’s devilish substance and ugly face. Its base acts are detestable and hateful and it deserves to be cursed! The CCP has always been persecuting and resisting Almighty God, attempting to abolish God’s end-time work and turn China into a region without God so as to achieve its purpose of controlling and devouring mankind on earth forever. However, God is almighty and all-wise, and he has made complete a group of overcomers by his power and authority in China. Today, Almighty God’s gospel is spreading to every nation and every place, and more and more people who thirst for light and seek the truth have returned before Almighty God. Seeing this, the CCP got exasperated and disturbed and damaged frenziedly. Today, it uses the case of Zhaoyuan to frame the Church of Almighty God, but through this God thoroughly reveals the CCP’s evil substance and exposes the crimes of the evil party, the cult, completely to the light of day. So God’s chosen people have discernment, and more people understand what the good and evil are, what the positive things are, what the negative things are, and what the truth and fallacy are, and see clearly that the one who truly devours mankind is the CCP, the evil spirit, the evil party. Only it is the enemy of mankind and is the evil one who corrupts mankind.

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