Eastern Lightning | What Is the CCP’s Sinister Intention of Cooking up the Murder in Zhaoyuan?

What Is the CCP’s Sinister Intention of Cooking up the Murder in Zhaoyuan?

Mu Yi

    Recently, the hottest piece of news on the Internet and media is “the Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.” The reason why it’s so hot isn’t that the case itself is a big one but that the truth of the CCP attempting to frame the Church of Almighty God through the case has been exposed, thus causing the public uproar. People of various circles raise a query and criticism on it. The case is full of loopholes and the CCP can’t justify itself. As a result, the case becomes a big joke. Since there are so many lies in it, why does the CCP still fabricate it? What’s the CCP’s sinister intention hidden behind it? How many people can see through the CCP’s true face of being sinister and malicious? Let’s explore these questions together.

    After being reported, the case has caused the attention of both China and the West. The sensible men can see that there are too many lies in it. Concerning the case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, people put forward many doubtful points:

    First, the murder in Zhaoyuan happened on May 28th, but the police in Zhaoyuan only tweeted about the case simply on the 29th. On the 31st, the police in Zhaoyuan micro-blogged it again and went more into detail than last time, but the names of the murderers were still not mentioned in the report. The victim was beaten to death on the spot and the murderers were arrested on the spot too. Human testimony and material evidence are both available and the case has been broken. Why did the police conceal the criminals’ names? The police explained that they feared it might affect the investigation. The statement is legally untenable. Some netizens who know the law answered the questions, “1. No law forbids making an adult criminal’s name known. 2. If the investigation is affected, the case should be kept confidential. This case isn’t in such situation. 3. If there are many doubts in the case or it’s a minor one, in order to protect the rights and interests of the suspect, his or her name shouldn’t be made known to the public. This case isn’t in such situation.” On the other hand, while the police were dilatory in making the criminals’ names known, the CCTV reported the case swiftly. It’s not difficult to find a serious problem in the CCTV’s news report: The report didn’t investigate the murderers for criminal responsibility but aimed at the Church of Almighty God, and persecution on the Church of Almighty God also began. No wonder some netizens who know the law said, “In a criminal case, a person should be convicted according to his acts but not his thoughts. In three days, the criminal case was turned into a religious incident. The nature of the incident was completely changed. It is unavoidable for people to suspect that the media, with concealed intentions, is making the tendency of public opinion.”

    Second, the CCP police said in micro blog that in a fast food restaurant in Zhaoyuan City, Zhang and the other 5 persons quarreled with Wu who dined there. Zhang and the other 5 persons beat Wu, causing her to be injured. Wu died after all rescue measures proved ineffectual. However, an eyewitness in the video broadcast by the CCTV said that Zhang and the other 5 persons failed to get Wu’s phone number, so they beat her to death. The two versions were obviously inconsistent! A netizen exposed that the police were advised by experts to say so. Asking for the phone number unilaterally was said to be having a “quarrel,” and it meant that both sides had a responsibility. “Dying on the spot” was said to be “dying after being rescued.” It meant that the victim didn’t “die on the spot”, so the murderers’ legal responsibility would decrease. Did the police say so deliberately or accidentally? It can be seen that the police and the official media had different versions. It is precisely that “the evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear.” The CCP exposed its habitual practice of cheating to the public eye once again.

    What is most ridiculous is that the CCP publicly fabricated the charge of such a brutal murder against the Church of Almighty God without enough evidence. This makes people see the CCP’s ugly face of distorting facts and framing up and also exposes its evil intention of wiping out its dissenters. The CCP said Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God, yet this is only its one-sided statement, without any evidence to prove it. The CCP’s saying so is only based on Zhang’s own acknowledgement that he is a member of the Church of Almighty God, and there are too many lies in it. On one hand, the CCP is always good at interrogating by tortures and creating misjudged, false, and wrong cases and forcing the prisoners to tell lies by cruel tortures for its use, which is an acknowledged fact. On the other hand, there are definite principles and requirements for accepting people in the Church of Almighty God. When a church accepts a person, he must be approved by the church leaders, deacons, and most of God’s chosen people. Those evil men who make profit from religion, always commit adultery, and have bad humanity can absolutely not be accepted into the church. Even if some of them creep in, they will be expelled. Zhang claims himself to be a member of the Church of Almighty God. Is he acknowledged by the local church leaders and deacons? Is he acknowledged by the brothers and sisters in the church? Does he have any evidence? If he doesn’t, what he said is a lie and even more a smear against the Church of Almighty God. The church will never accept him, a murderer with the devil’s nature. This is a fact! Moreover, the Church of Almighty God has never accepted him, and even more no one knows or acknowledges him in the Church of Almighty God. The CCP police judge the case only by his one-sided statement. They’re wantonly creating false cases. They are lawless and frame others up! The CCP needs to take all the responsibilities for its own acts!

    Besides, it’s even more nonsense to say that Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God only because some books were found at Zhang’s house. What evidence do they have to prove that the books were given by the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God? They proved that Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God only by a book, and then they said the Church of Almighty God should be blamed for Zhang’s committing murder. Isn’t the logical reasoning too absurd? They used such a result of reasoning as evidence to judge the case. Isn’t it absurdity? Just think it: Should Zhang be a member of the CCP and his committing murder be instigated by the CCP if Quotations from Mao Zedong is searched out from his house? Obviously, all these are the CCP’s absurd sayings of fooling the people and the CCP’s base means of framing the Church of Almighty God.

    The CCP said that Zhang beat the woman to death because of being refused when preaching the gospel, which is a sheer lie. Many brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God preach the gospel, but they never force people to accept it, nor will they beat people because of being refused, not to mention killing people. This is because the Church of Almighty God has principles for preaching the gospel and even more the administrative decrees. For example, “Only those who truly believe in God in their heart and are willing to seek the true way and have good humanity can be preached to.” “Those who are evil, having very bad humanity, having bad reputation, and being able to do any evil thing absolutely cannot be preached to.” (from The Collection of the Church Work Arrangements Over the Years) The church administrative decrees personally issued by Almighty God stipulate, “Do not drag in any of your unbelieving relatives (such as your children, husband, wife, sisters, or parents). God’s family is not short of men and does not need useless men to make up the number. Do not bring into the church anyone who is not willing to believe. This article is directed at all people. You should restrain each other, oversee each other, and warn each other concerning this. No one shall offend it. Even if your unbelieving relatives reluctantly enter into the church, they shall not be given books or given new names. Such ones are not men of God’s family. Prevent by all means all such ones from entering into the church.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

    The brothers and sisters in the Church of Almighty God preach the gospel according to the principles. They only preach to those who sincerely believe in God and have good humanity. Moreover, it’s not allowed to drag in people when preaching the gospel. They all preach the gospel in a manner of fellowshipping about the truth and allow people to choose freely, because the purpose of preaching the gospel is to save men and let them fear God and shun evil. The CCP said that Zhang beat a person to death because of being refused when preaching the gospel. It even more proves that he isn’t a member of the Church of Almighty God. Just as the netizens said, “If you beat people when preaching the gospel, how can you preach it? …” All the sensible men can see that this is obviously a frame-up. Being so ferocious, Zhang doesn’t accord with the principles for preaching the gospel in the Church of Almighty God at all. The Church of Almighty God will never want such an evil man.

    Zhang claims himself to have believed in God for seven years, and this is another sheer lie. When answering the reporter’s questions, Zhang said, “Because she (his elder daughter) said that there must be our people near us, that is, God’s people. They’re going to leave the earth.” These words don’t accord with Almighty God’s words at all. I don’t know what sect the viewpoint he said is from, but it is not from the Church of Almighty God, because Almighty God’s words say, “God will have his destination, and man will have his place to go. God in the rest will continue to lead all mankind to live on earth, and man in God’s light will worship the only true God in heaven. God will not live among men, and man cannot live with God in God’s destination. God and man cannot live in the same realm, and they will have their own ways of living. God is the One who leads all mankind, while all mankind are the crystallization of God’s management work and are the led ones, who are different from God in essence. The original meaning of ‘rest’ is to return to one’s original place. So, for God to enter into rest means that God will return to his original place, will no longer live on earth, and will no longer stay among men to share joys and sufferings with them. For man to enter into rest means that men will all become real created beings, will worship God on earth and have a normal life of mankind, will no longer disobey or resist God, and will recover the life of Adam and Eve in the beginning. These will be the respective lives and destinations of God and man after they enter into rest.” From Almighty God’s words, we can see that after mankind breaks away from the corrupt disposition and no longer disobeys God, God will continue to lead mankind to live on earth instead of in heaven. Zhang’s viewpoint obviously doesn’t accord with Almighty God’s words. Since he has believed in God for seven years, why doesn’t he know such most practical words of Almighty God? Why does he speak out the viewpoint that is incompatible with Almighty God’s words? He can’t even say one sentence of Almighty God’s words. It fully proves that Zhang isn’t a member of the Church of Almighty God at all.

    The news report also mentioned that Zhang is unemployed, but after the “human flesh search”, the netizens found out that Zhang is the owner of a gold mine with a certain social background, and he is also a henchman of the director of the local Public Security Bureau. He not only has four grand houses but also has four private cars. One of them is a Porsche luxury car and the license plate number of the Porsche Cayenne is LU-YVD110! Let’s overlook the true identity of the criminal for the present. But what is incredible is that in the same report (The Focus Interview), the CCP’s mouthpiece also said that as long as one enters the Church of Almighty God, he has to turn in all his property to the superior. Since he has to turn in all his property, why can Zhang still drive limousines and stay in grand houses? How can such obviously contradictory versions convince people? No wonder in recent years the Chinese people have lost trust in the official media and lost faith in the CCP government.

    There is one more doubtful point. During the process of being interviewed, Zhang said that he wasn’t afraid of laws, which is contrary to Almighty God’s words. Almighty God does his work to save men who are afflicted by satan. God expresses his words to guide men to understand and gain the truth, cast off their corrupt disposition, and live out the likeness of a real man. God doesn’t participate in human politics, nor does he require his chosen people to do so. Since the Church of Almighty God was founded, God’s chosen people have been strictly abiding by God’s requirements and have never done anything unlawful. What’s more, the CCP has never found any evidence to prove that the members of the Church of Almighty God defy the law and do violence. It can be seen that the CCP attempts to misguide and blind people through Zhang’s words and thus frame the Church of Almighty God. Its evil intention has been fully revealed. For a long time, the CCP has been spreading rumors to smear the Church of Almighty God and slandering and framing the Church of Almighty God, saying that if one doesn’t accept the gospel, his nose will be cut off, his eyes will be gouged out, his head will be cut off, his feet will be cut off, and so on. However, up to now, it hasn’t found any true evidence. Is it that it doesn’t want to show the evidence? No. It simply can’t show it. That’s because what it says is all nonsense, malicious rumors, and framings!

    Of course, such base and dirty means of the CCP isn’t occasionally used, but is used all the time after it came into being. The scenes in history are so vivid before our eyes: On June 4th, 1989, the CCP created the bloody suppression which shocked the world. When the defenseless students complained about and protested against inflation of goods for people’s livelihood, difficulty in getting jobs, and political corruption, and protested for freedom of the press and speech in Tiananmen Square, the CCP sent the army over to crush the young generation with the cold armored vehicles. Before the suppression, it first created public opinion by cheating the public. According to Deng Xiaoping’s definition on the “unrest,” the CCP published an editorial “The Unrest Must Be fought against with Clear Position” in People’s Daily, saying that the student movement was a planned plot and unrest and was a serious political struggle. Then, it arranged for some soldiers to disguise themselves as students and mingle in the parade to heckle. And there appeared the phenomena of burning, killing, and robbing. Although the students and citizens realized that the government organized some people to make trouble on purpose and tried to frame the student movement, they had no way to deal with it. After that, the CCP carried out the bloody suppression and engineered the June 4th Massacre. It is clear that frame-up has long been the CCP’s habitual tactic to crack down on the dissenters. Under the cover of the CCP’s lies, the truth of the June 4th student movement has been known by few people. Every year this incident is given a lot of media coverage in various countries and only Chinese people are kept in the dark. It can be seen that the CCP’s deceptive means is really “clever.”

    Like that, with the Tibet issue, the CCP again created false cases for safeguarding its dictatorial rule. It sent some people to disguise themselves as monks and Tibetans to frenziedly beat, smash, and loot. Afterward, it framed the Tibetans and monks. Those Tibetans were discriminated and persecuted so much that they couldn’t live, yet they would rather immolate themselves than hurt others. The CCP condemned them as “terrorists” and “hoodlums” and then carried out a bloody massacre, thus sending dozens of armored vehicles over to Tibet and carrying out an all-out crackdown on the Tibetans.

    Things like that are too numerous to mention. Every time before the CCP does evil, it creates false cases, which provides a pretext for its malicious massacre. Not only does the CCP persecute and afflict non-Party people like this, but also it is so cruel to dissenters in the party, afflicting Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai, Lu Dingyi, etc. to death by the same means. The CCP is so conscienceless and does all kinds of lawless things. People can’t help wondering what this political party is like. It is known to all that the Communist Party was founded by a German, Marx, but what’s the true face of Marx like? The first sentence in The Communist Manifesto by Marx reads, “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism.” Marx claimed himself to be satan the devil. How can the Communist Party that was created by such an absolute devil do things beneficial to people? Isn’t it a through-and-through cult and evil party which harms people? It can be seen that in recent years, all the senior officials and chief supervisors carefully cultivated by the CCP are corrupt in hoarding amounts of money, are always promiscuous in having many lovers (or even sharing a lover), kill and harm people, frame others up, form cliques for their selfish interests, and commit all kinds of atrocities, which is abominable and hateful. The moral conduct of these “communist elites” who are cultivated by the CCP and receive higher education or even the education in the Central Party School fully proves the CCP’s evil substance. Just as a saying goes, “If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant.” It is really that as the CCP “sows,” so does it “reap.” What the evil CCP accepts is evil, so it is natural that what it does is evil.

    Recently, western media and websites such as The New York Times and YouTube have published Almighty God’s words one after another and spread the videos about the experiences and testimonies of the Christians in the Church of Almighty God who were cruelly persecuted by the CCP, so that Almighty God’s words could be made known to the public and the CCP’s atrocious crimes of cruelly persecuting God’s chosen people could be brought to light. What’s more, cracked down and persecuted by the CCP for many years, the Church of Almighty God didn’t fall down but instead has sprung up. Now as the gospel spreads rapidly in western countries, all the CCP’s various lies of framing the Church of Almighty God fall off of themselves. Seeing this, the CCP becomes exasperated and clutches at straws, attempting to make use of the Zhaoyuan Incident. First, it creates public opinion through the media’s reports to deceive and misguide people. Then, it takes advantage of the opportunity to carry out a full-blown suppression on the Church of Almighty God. But the fact is that the CCP lifts a rock only to drop in on its own feet. It has never expected that its evil deeds and ugly face would thus be exposed to light thoroughly so that people saw clearly its ugly face as satan the devil and saw that everything it does is against Heaven’s will and people’s hearts. Therefore, the CCP is indeed the worst and biggest cult and its evil substance is there for all to see. Today, the CCP is opposed by the masses and deserted by its followers against the background of internal turmoil and external threat. People in China gradually awaken and begin to parade in opposition to the CCP; frictions appear continually between the CCP and its neighboring countries. The CCP’s destiny has come to an end! The CCP’s last day all people expect will come very soon!

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