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[The Church of Almighty God] The BBC Has Actually Become the CCP’s Mouthpiece

As for the magnate of the media all over the world, the BBC fully deserves its title. As for the BBC, its integrity, boldness, and impartiality are rare in the world.

Recently, comments are flying around in the media circle. It is said that the old and mature BBC is just like a mad youngster seeking love and someone must have stolen away the heart of this media tycoon. Then, who is so “charming” that he can not only “steal” away the BBC’s heart but also make it debase itself and do its utmost to please him? What has the BBC done to cause such a stir?

The BBC Has Actually Become the CCP’s Mouthpiece

by Su Ming

(from China)

In Mainland China, in order to survive, the media have to act strictly according to the government’s instruction and can’t report the objective facts, so that the true fact is covered. Thus, we try every possible means to read the news on foreign websites (including the BBC) over the wall mainly to learn about the true fact.

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