The Church of Almighty God | The Media Giant BBC Will Surely Be Spurned If It Sticks to Its Own Way

by Yang Xiaonie from China

Recently, the CCP acts very actively on the stage of foreign trade, so, fawning reports appear one after another in some media. Among them, the British authoritative media BBC has a report The Chinese Cult that Kills “Demons,” which is after the CCP’s heart’s desire. However, when those who like the voice of justice roughly look at the fabricated plot, they couldn’t believe that it’s actually published by the BBC. This British broadcasting media which has a history of over ninety years should have had a sharp eye. How can it suddenly not see things clearly? Even the public knows that one can’t draw a final conclusion only after listening to a one-sided statement.

As a Christian of the Church of Almighty God, I have something to say.

There are such words in the report of Ms. Carrie, “We interviewed one man who didn’t want to reveal his identity. To rescue his wife and father-in-law, he went undercover in the Church of Almighty God. He said, ‘The cult is anti-family, anti-human, and anti-government. It is constantly training its members to lie to their husbands and wives and encouraging them to throw away family relationships. Whoever is more resolute in rejecting their family is given a higher rank. It takes people who are kind and makes them crazy and extreme.’”

Ms. Carrie, as a British, I think that in China you must need a guide to lead you to interview this so-called anonymous man. This May, when China reported the “Zhaoyuan Incident,” the media guided the public opinion intentionally and framed the Church of Almighty God. They simply fabricated the gold mine owner Zhang Lidong as a hobo. They changed a common criminal case into a stunt of violently suppressing the Church of Almighty God. The Church of Almighty God condemned the evil deeds of the CCP in the media. Unexpectedly, the CCP repeated its old trick, using the BBC to slander the Church of Almighty God. You judged the authenticity by a one-sided statement. I don’t know whether it was because the BBC’s chief editor was so naïve as to be used by the CCP media unknowingly or the BBC readily lost the media’s soul for money, owning to the trade contracts worth 14 billion pounds Premier Li Keqiang signed with the UK in this June. The answer should be quite clear to all!

Besides, this man claimed to have joined the Church of Almighty God. Is there any evidence to his word “anti-family, anti-human, and anti-government”? He claimed that he was from “the Church of Almighty God.” Have you confirmed with the Church of Almighty God that he was really a believer of it? Is his word based on God’s word? Without finishing the movie and just by two video screenshots, you confirmed your word. Is it credible?

The brothers and sisters who believe in Almighty God all act according to God’s word. God’s word says, “The disposition of a normal man does not contain crookedness and craftiness, and he has a normal relationship with others and does not act independently, does not live a vulgar or rotten life, and exalts God among all people. Among people is permeated with God’s word. They live in harmony with one another and all live under God’s care and keeping. The earth is full of harmony and is free from satan’s disturbance. They all can take God’s glory as the fundamental thing.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

Almighty God has never required his believers to forsake their families. The fictitious statement really makes us feel bitterly disappointed. The Chinese have long been prone to deny their kin for profits. But, how could the United Kingdom with freedom and democracy sing the same tune with the CCP?

In retrospect, the European believers who loved the Lord followed the Lord’s teaching and tried to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. They left their families and gave up careers, crossed the seas, and came to China. In 1898, the radical practice of Guangxu Emperor’s reform was “foreignism” in public opinions, which irritated the conservative people and the religious people (Monks and Taoists). They slandered the New Deal, and spread the words that Guangxu Emperor joined the Catholic Church, and Kang Youwei set up a church in the palace. There was a rumor in Beijing saying that Kang Youwei set up a foreign yamun and employed foreigners to work. Through the hearsay, the deeds of Guangxu Emperor and Kang Youwei were associated with the “Catholic Church” and the “foreigners.” And they were regarded as two devils. Those in power drove the foreigners out. Since the autumn of 1898, the Chinese people became more and more hostile to the Catholic Church, missionaries, and westerners. In the spring of 1900, tens of thousands of poor peasants who practiced spirit-invitation and invulnerability to swords and spears claimed to be “Boxers.” They killed the Catholics and then the Christians, and burnt down the churches and the houses of the believers. With the permission of the Qing court, the “Boxers” entered Beijing. Then, they carried out a series of violent activities of attacking the believers and burnt down the churches. At that time, most of the western missionaries were from Britain. Was it very crazy that they gave up their happy and satisfactory life to preach? Ms. Carrie, if you are a Christian, I think you can understand why some Christians give up their cozy life. Actually, they want to make some sacrifices themselves so that more people can live a happy life, as the western missionaries did. This is because people who have faith all know that our everything is from the only true God who created the heavens and the earth and all things. Only if mankind worships the true God can we have a happy life!

China has been under dictatorship from ancient times, without freedom or democracy. Now the CCP is evil to the utmost. In fact, some true news of the BBC reporting the CCP was screened and blocked. The BBC should know very clearly about the CCP’s political means. But now, the BBC, for profits, sail with the wind and cover up the facts, collude with the CCP, and oppose the true God with it! It is recorded in the Bible, “but whoever speaks against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” BBC, you should know well the end of resisting God. BBC, stop competing against God! Wake up quickly!

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