Living Waters | Almighty God’s Utterance “How Should You Know ‘Reality'”

Almighty God says, “If one wants to know God, he has to first know that God is a practical God and know God’s word, God’s practical appearing in the flesh, and God’s practical work. Only after you know that all God’s work is practical can you practically cooperate with God. Only in this way can you grow in life. All those who do not know reality will have no way to experience God’s word and will be trapped in their notions and live in their imaginations. Thus they will not have knowledge of God’s word. The more you know reality, the closer you will be to God, and the more intimate you will be with God. The more you pursue vague things and pursue doctrines, the further you will be from God, and the more you will feel that it is hard and difficult to experience God’s word and that you have no way to enter into it. If you want to enter into the reality of God’s word and enter the right track of spiritual living, you have to first know reality and cast off vague and supernatural things. That is to say, you have to first know how the Holy Spirit practically inspires and guides you. Thus, if you have truly touched the Holy Spirit’s practical work on man, you will have entered the right track of being perfected by God.”

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