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The Church of Almighty God | Kingdom Song of Praise “Dance Around The Throne”

Dance Around the Throne

1. The last Christ has appeared; the kingdom is among men. Almighty God is seated on the throne, with a smile, uttering his voice to all the nations, revealing his majesty. The heavens and the earth are cheering together; all nations and all peoples are dancing together. God has gained glory.

2. As Almighty God’s word issues forth, the earth is revived and is renewed into a new state; the earth is clothed in green. Today’s life is really wonderful; we are taken up before God, more and more joyful with dancing.

3. We have returned before God’s throne, eating and drinking around the throne; we are praising, really joyful. It’s God’s grace! The life in the past is unforgettable; today is sweeter than the past. It’s God’s uplifting.

4. The heavens are happy and the earth is joyful; the stars are dancing and the moon is smiling; the birds in the trees are chattering; we are all beaming with smiles; we are revived. All and everything has been changed. God reigns in the kingdom. The kingdom life is really wonderful.

Refrain: Praise, praise, praise greatly! See who is swaying more joyfully! Dance around the throne.