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[The Church of Almighty God] Not Fearing God and Shunning Evil Is Standing in Opposition to God

Here let’s first see: Where does the word “fear God and shun evil” come from? (The Book of Job.) Since we mention Job, let’s talk about Job. In the times of Job, did God do any work of saving and conquering man? No! Right? Then how much knowledge of God did Job have at that time? (Not much.) How is his knowledge of God in comparison with yours today? Why do you not dare to answer this question? Is it more than or less than your knowledge today? (Less.) This question is very easy to answer. Less! That is definite! Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] How God Decides Men’s Outcomes and the Standard by Which God Decides Men’s Outcomes

  Before you have any opinion or conclusion, you should first know what God’s attitude toward you is and what God’s heart thinks; then you can conclude whether what you think is right or wrong. God has never decided a person’s outcome by time, nor has God ever decided a person’s outcome by how much he has suffered. Then by what standard does God decide a person’s outcome? It fits man’s notion the most to decide a person’s outcome by time. Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] Man Likes to Circumscribe God by Experience

三个朋友讥笑约伯 最终版 When we fellowship about the subject of knowing God, have you found a fact? Have you found that God now has a change in his attitude? Is God’s attitude toward mankind unchanging? Will God be patient like this forever and keep giving all his love and his mercy to man timelessly? This thing has to do with God’s substance again. Let’s come back to the question raised just now about the so-called prodigal sons’ return. Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] God’s Attitude Toward Those Who Ran Away from God’s Work

犹太人流亡到世界各国(无兵) (2)Jews Are Exiled to Other Countries (2) In every place there are some people of this kind: After they had been certain about God’s way, they left quietly for various reasons. They left without saying good-bye and went to do what they wanted to do at their own will. Let’s not discuss for the moment why they left. Let’s first see what God’s attitude is toward such people. It is very definite! From the very moment they left, in God’s eyes, their life of believing in God was over. Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] Those Who Ran Away from God’s Work Are Ones Who Have Forsaken the True Way

42 Latest Expression of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning So, why can God give such people so severe a punishment? Why does God have such great wrath toward them? We should first know that God’s disposition is majesty and wrath. He is not a sheep for man to slaughter at will, much less a puppet for man to manipulate at will, nor is he air for man to breathe in and out. If you truly believe in God’s existence, you should have a heart of fearing God, and you should know that God’s substance is not to be infuriated. Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] By Whom Man’s Outcome Is Decided

65 Whether One Will Succeed Dpends On the Way He Walks, The Church of Almighty God There is another most important thing, that is, your attitude toward God. This attitude is very important! This attitude decides whether you will eventually go to destruction or enter into the pleasant destination God has prepared for you. In the Age of the Kingdom, God has worked for more than twenty years. During these more than twenty years, in your hearts you all may be unclear about your manifestations, but in God’s heart he has been keeping a real, actual record for each one. Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] Treating God as God Is the Beginning of Man’s Being Able to Fear God

以利法和两个朋友俯伏(俯视) Just now someone asked a question: Why is it that we have more knowledge of God than Job but we do not fear God? We have mentioned a bit about it earlier, right? Actually we have talked about the substance of this problem. At that time though Job did not know God, he treated God as God and as the Ruler of the heavens and the earth and all things. He did not treat God as an enemy but worshiped him as the Creator. Why do people of today resist God so much? Why can’t they fear God? Continue reading

[The Church of Almighty God] A Kind of People Disapproved by God

 In God’s heart, some people’s belief has never been approved by him. In other words, God does not acknowledge these people to be his followers, because God does not approve their belief. No matter how many years these people have followed God, their thoughts and viewpoints have never changed. They hold on to the same principles and manners of dealing with the world as unbelievers, and hold on to the same rules and beliefs of living as unbelievers. Continue reading