[The Church of Almighty God] The Weight of the Outcome in Man’s Heart

The Church Life of the Church of Almighty God in Korea 08 It can be seen that you all have something in your heart concerning the way you should keep and that you also have some knowledge or understanding of it. However, whether these things you say are very empty or very practical to you depends on what you pay attention to in your daily practice. Over these years, you have gained something in every aspect of the truth, whether in doctrines or in the contents of the truth. It proves that people of today all pay attention to striving in the truth. So the various aspects and outlines of the truth have certainly taken root in some people’s heart. But what is the thing that worries me the most? It is that these subjects of the truth, these theories, have taken root in your heart, but their real contents have not had much weight in your heart. When you encounter things, facing trials or choices, how much effect can the reality of these truths have on you? Can it help you go through the difficulties and come out of the trials to satisfy God’s heart’s desire, standing firm in the trials and bearing resounding testimonies for God? Have you ever been concerned about these things? Let me ask you this: In your heart, what is the most important to you among the things you think of every day? Have you ever made a summary? What is the most important thing to you? Some people say that of course it is practicing the truth; some say that of course it is reading God’s word every day; some say that of course it is coming before God and praying to God every day; some others say that of course it is performing duty well every day; others even say that they only hope that they can satisfy God and obey God in everything and act to God’s will. Is that so? Do you only think of these things? For example, some say, “I only think of obeying God, but when encountering things, I cannot obey.” Some say, “I only think of satisfying God, even if for one time, but I always fail.” Others say, “I only hope that I will obey God and when a trial comes, I can let God manipulate me and submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangement, without any complaint or any demand. However, I simply cannot obey, failing almost every time.” Still others say, “Whenever I face a choice, I cannot choose to practice the truth but want to satisfy my flesh and satisfy my own selfish desire.” Why so? Have you, before God’s tests come, challenged yourselves many times and tested and tried yourselves many times to see whether you can truly obey God, whether you can truly satisfy God, whether you will absolutely not betray God, and whether you will not satisfy yourselves or your selfish desires, but will only satisfy God without your own choices? Has anybody done so? Actually there is only one fact lying before your eyes. It is that what everyone is most concerned about and wants to know the most in his heart is his outcome and destination. You may not realize it, but it cannot be denied by anyone. I know that some people have read many times the truths or God’s words concerning men’s outcomes, God’s promises to mankind, and what kind of destination God will bring man into, and some others have sought and pondered them over and over, but finally they fail to get any result, or they may draw an ambiguous conclusion and yet in the end they are still uncertain what outcome they will have. In the course of receiving the fellowship of the truth, receiving the church life, and performing duty, most people always want to know the exact result: What will my outcome be? Can I walk to the end? What attitude does God actually have toward man? Some people are even worried: I have done certain things before, I have said certain words before, I have disobeyed God before, I have done certain things of betraying God before, and I have failed to satisfy God and broken God’s heart in certain things before, so that God is disappointed in me and hates and loathes me. So probably my outcome is questionable! It can be said that most people feel troubled and uneasy about their outcome in their heart, and no one dares to say, “I am one hundred percent sure that I am one to be left alive; I am one hundred percent sure that I can satisfy God’s heart’s desire; I am one after God’s heart; I am one approved by God.” Some people feel it very hard to keep God’s ways and feel that practicing the truth is the most difficult thing, so they think that they are beyond salvation and dare not hope they will have any good outcome, or they think that they cannot possibly satisfy God’s heart’s desire and become ones to be left alive. Therefore they say that they will have no outcome and receive no good destination. No matter what people think, in a word, everyone has kept contemplating his outcome in his heart dozens of times, contemplating and planning for his future and for what he can gain at the end of God’s work. Some people doubly pay the price; some leave their families and give up their careers; some choose to give up their marriages; some choose to quit their jobs to spend for God; some choose to leave their families to perform duty; some choose to bear hardships and work hard and undertake the hardest and most tiring work; some choose to offer money or offer their all; even more, some choose to pursue the truth and pursue to know God. No matter what way of practice you choose, do you think the way is important? (No, it is not important.) How do you explain “it is not important”? The way is not important; what is important? (Good outward behavior does not mean practicing the truth.) (What we think is not important. The crucial thing is whether we practice the truth and whether we love God.) (The fall of those antichrists and the fall of some false leaders make us realize that how one’s outward behavior is is not the most important. Outwardly they have given up a lot and have been willing to pay the price, but when dissecting them, we see that they do not have a heart of fearing God at all, that they set themselves against God in every aspect, and that at crucial times, they always side with satan to disturb God’s work. So the important thing is to see on whose side we are when encountering things and what our viewpoints are.) What everyone has said is quite good. It can be seen that in your heart, you already have some basic knowledge about and criteria for practicing the truth as well as God’s will and God’s requirements for man. As you can say so, I am quite touched. Although some of your words are not very suitable, they are already close to the explanation accordant with the truth. This proves that you already have some true knowledge about the surrounding people, matters, and things, the circumstances God has arranged, and what your eyes have seen. It is knowledge close to the truth. Even though what you have said is not so comprehensive, and some of your words are not very suitable, your knowledge within is already very close to the reality of the truth. I’m pleased to hear you say so.

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