[The Church of Almighty God] Walk in God’s Ways: Fear God and Shun Evil

01There is one word you should write down. I regard it as very important, because every day it appears in my heart so many times. Why do I say so? Because whenever I meet a person, hear a person’s story, or hear a person’s experience or testimony in believing in God, I measure by this word in my heart whether he is one God wants and one God likes. Then what is this word?

You are all waiting for the answer anxiously. When this word is spoken out, you may feel very disappointed, because this word has been on the lips of some people for many years. But I never have it on my lips. I put it in my heart. What is this word? It is “Walk in God’s ways: Fear God and shun evil.” Isn’t it a very simple word? This word is simple, but with a person who truly has a deep understanding of it, he feels that this word carries a heavy weight and is very worthy to be practiced, and it is a word of life with the reality of the truth, a goal for a person who pursues to satisfy God to pursue all his life, and a way for a person who cares for God’s will to follow all his life. Then is this word a truth to you? Is it of such significance to you? Maybe some people are thinking and pondering, but some are doubting it: Is this word very important? Is it very important? Is it very necessary to emphasize this word like this? Some people may not like this word very much, because they think, “God’s ways are expressed in just this one word; isn’t this too simple? All the words spoken by God are summed up in just one word; isn’t God considered too small?” Is that so? Most of you may not quite understand the deep meaning of this word. Although you have written it down, you have no intention of putting it in your heart. You only write it down in your notebooks, and at your leisure, you may get it out to look at and ponder over it; that’s all. Some people even disdain to remember it, much less have the intention of using it. But why do I say this word? Regardless of what viewpoint you have or what you may think, I must say this word because it has a very great bearing on God’s deciding men’s outcomes. No matter how you understand it and how you treat it now, I still want to tell you: If you can practice this word well and can reach the standard of “fearing God and shunning evil,” you will surely be one to be left alive and surely be one who has a good outcome; if you cannot reach the standard of this word, then it can be said that your outcome is questionable. So I tell you this word in advance, with the purpose that you will know the true fact in your heart beforehand, knowing by what standard God measures you. Just now I have said that this word has a very great bearing on God’s saving men and deciding men’s outcomes. Where does this bearing lie? You want to know it very much. Let’s talk about it today.

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