[The Church of Almighty God] Job’s Testimony Comforted God

[Almighty God][Eastern Lightning][The Church of Almighty God] Now when I tell you that Job was a lovely man, maybe you cannot comprehend its meaning or understand the feeling of why I say these things. One day, when you have experienced the same or similar trials as Job’s, when you have experienced tribulations and experienced the trials God personally arranges for you, and when in temptations you go all out and endure humiliations and sufferings for the sake of overcoming satan and bearing testimony for God, you will realize the significance of these words of mine. At that time, you will feel that compared with Job you still fall far short and that Job was so lovely a man and was a man worthy for you to imitate. At that time, you will realize how important those few classical words Job said are to a corrupt man and a man who lives in the present age, and how difficult it is for people of today to do what Job could do. When you feel it difficult to do that, you will realize how anxious and worried God’s heart is, how high the price God pays for gaining such people is, and how precious what God does for mankind and what he expends are. At this point of my fellowship, do you have an accurate knowledge and a right evaluation of Job? In your heart, is Job a real man “who is perfect and upright and who fears God and shuns evil”? I believe that most of you will say with certainty: Yes. This is because the facts of what Job did and expressed cannot be denied by anyone, including satan, and they are the most powerful evidence of Job’s overcoming satan. This evidence is produced from Job, and it is the first testimony God received. So, when Job overcame satan’s temptation and bore the testimony for God, God saw hope in Job and God’s heart received comfort from Job. From the creation of the world until the time of Job, it was the first time God truly tasted what comfort was and what receiving comfort from man was, and God saw and received the real testimony borne for him.

I believe that most people have a plan for their own journey ahead after hearing Job’s testimony and the account of all aspects of Job, and I also believe that most people who are full of anxiety and fear have begun to feel relaxed gradually and relieved little by little….

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