[The Church of Almighty God] The Warning and Revelation for Later Generations from Job’s Testimony

[Almighty God][Eastern Lightning][The Church of Almighty God] When people know the whole course of God’s gaining a man, they also understand the purpose and significance of God’s delivering Job to satan. They no longer feel disturbed about the sufferings Job underwent and have a brand new comprehension of the significance of Job’s suffering; they are no longer afraid of whether they will encounter the same temptations as Job’s, and they no longer resist and reject the coming of God’s trials. Job’s faith and obedience and his testimony of overcoming satan give men great help and encouragement. From Job, they have seen the hope of their being saved, seen that by their faith in, obedience to, and fear of God, they can completely defeat and overcome satan, seen that as long as they can obey God’s sovereignty and arrangement and as long as they have the determination and faith to lose everything rather than abandon God, they can put satan to shame and defeat it, and seen that as long as they have the determination and perseverance to stand testimony even if giving up their life, satan will be frightened and retreat in panic. Job’s testimony gives later generations a warning. This warning tells man that if man does not overcome satan, he will never be able to be free from satan’s accusation and disturbance or to break free from its attack and affliction. Job’s testimony also gives later generations a revelation. This revelation makes man understand that only if one is a perfect and upright person will he be able to fear God and shun evil, that only if one fears God and shuns evil will he be able to bear a strong and resounding testimony for God, and that only if one bears a strong and resounding testimony for God will he be able to be forever free from satan’s control and live in God’s guidance and keeping. Only this is truly being saved. Job’s quality of humanity and his pursuit of life are what everyone who pursues to be saved should imitate, and his living out in his whole life and his manifestations in the trials are the precious treasure of everyone who pursues the way of “fearing God and shunning evil.”

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