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Almighty God’s Utterance “When You See Jesus’ Spiritual Body, It Will Already Be the Time God Renews Heaven and Earth”

Almighty God says, “Jesus’ coming again is an exceedingly great salvation to those who can accept the truth, but to those who cannot accept the truth it is a mark of being condemned. You should choose your way. Do not do things of blaspheming the Holy Spirit and rejecting the truth. Do not be ignorant and arrogant people, but be ones who obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit and thirst for and seek the truth. Only this will be good for you. I advise that you should cautiously walk the path of believing in God. Do not make judgments rashly, much less believe in God casually and carelessly. You ought to know that a believer in God should at least have a meek heart and a God-fearing heart. Those who hear the truth but turn up their noses at it are all foolish and ignorant people. Those who hear the truth but casually make judgments about it or condemn it are all arrogant people. As a believer in Jesus, no one has the right to curse or condemn others. You all should be ones who have sense and accept the truth.”

Christ’s Word “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (2)” (Part One)

Everyone should reexamine your life of believing in God to see in the course of your following God, whether you have a true comprehension, a true understanding, and a true knowledge of God, whether you truly know what attitudes God has toward various kinds of people, and whether you truly know God’s work on you and God’s definitions of your doings.

God’s Word “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve” (Part Four)

Know God’s Attitudes and Drop Various Misunderstandings of God

What kind of God is the God you believe in now? Have you thought about that? Does he feel hatred when he sees the wicked do evil? (Yes.) What attitude does he have when he sees a foolish person makes a mistake? (Being sorrowful.) What attitude does he have when he sees someone steals his offerings? (Hating.) You are all very clear about these, right? What attitude does God have when he sees a person muddles on in believing in God and does not pursue the truth at all? You are not very clear about this, right? The attitude of “muddling on” is not sinning, nor does it offend God. In man’s heart, he does not think that it should be a great wrong. Then what do you say God’s attitude is? (Ignoring.) “Ignoring,” then what is his inner attitude? Continue reading

Gospel Hotline of the Church of Almighty God in different Countries

Hotline, The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning

Hotline, The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning

Different Official Websites of Eastern Lightning:








Gospel Music | Korean Choir of the Church of Almighty God—The Eastern Light Hymns Concert Episode 2

Come to Zion with Praising
Come to Zion with praising. God’s dwelling place has appeared. The glorious holy name is praised by all peoples and is being spread. O! Almighty God! The Head of the universe, the last Christ, is the shining sun, and has risen on the majestic and grand Mount Zion in the entire universe…. Almighty God! We are shouting for joy to You, and we are dancing and singing. You are truly our Redeemer, the great King of the universe!
You have made a group of overcomers, and accomplished God’s management plan. All peoples will stream to this mountain, and all peoples will bow down before the throne! You are the one and only true God. You are worthy to receive glory and honor. All the glory and praise and authority be to the throne! From the throne flows out the spring of life, watering and feeding all God’s people. We have transformation in our life every day. New light and inspiration accompany us, and we have new seeing about God constantly.
We are certain about God in our experience. God’s word appears constantly, appearing in the right ones. We are really so blessed! We are face to face with God every day, have fellowship with God in everything, and let God be the sovereign over everything. Ponder God’s word carefully and quiet our heart in God; thus we come before God and receive illumination before God, in our life, behavior, speech, mind, and thought every day we are living in God’s word, and we can have discernment at any moment.
God’s word is threading a needle; the things hidden within us pop up in succession. Fellowship with God brooks no delay. Our minds and thoughts are exposed by God. At every moment we live before Christ’s seat, experiencing the judgment before Christ’s seat, experiencing the judgment before Christ’s seat. Each domain of our body is still occupied by Satan. Today to recover God’s reign, we must have God’s temple cleansed.
To be completely occupied by God, we have to go through a life-and-death war. Only if our old self is nailed to the cross can the resurrected life of Christ be our sovereign. Now the Holy Spirit is charging at all corners in us, waging a regaining war! As long as we are ready to deny ourselves, ready to deny ourselves and willing to cooperate with God, God will illuminate us and cleanse our inside at any moment, regaining what Satan has occupied, so that we can be made complete by God as soon as possible. Waste no time, live in God’s word at all times, and be built up with all the saints, being brought into the kingdom and entering into glory with God.

from “The First Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Kingdom Anthem II   God Has Come God Has Reigned


At this happy moment, at this exciting time,

All in heaven and under heaven are praising, are praising.

Who is not excited about this?

Who is not joyful for this?

Who does not shed tears in this situation?

Who does not shed tears in this situation?

Hey … hey….

The heaven is no longer the former heaven;

it is already the heaven of the kingdom.

The earth is no longer the former earth,

but it is a holy earth.

After a heavy rain,

the filthy old world has been completely renewed.

After a heavy rain,

the filthy old world has been completely renewed.


Mountains are changing… waters are changing….

People are also changing… all things are changing….

O silent mountains, rise to dance joyfully for God!

O still waters, flow!

O people in dreams, rise to catch up! Rise to catch up!

Hey … hey….

God has come… God has reigned….

God has come… God has reigned ….

People will see God’s face with their own eyes,

hear God’s voice with their own ears,

and experience the life in the kingdom personally….

How sweet… how wonderful….

How sweet… how wonderful….

Unforgettable… unforgettable….



In God’s wrathful burning, the great red dragon is struggling;

In God’s majestic judgment, the devil shows its true image;

Under God’s stern words, stern words,

all people feel ashamed of themselves, having no place to hide themselves.

Think back to the past: They jeered and sneered at God,

exhibited themselves all the time, and disobeyed God all the time.

Then look at today: Who does not shed tears?

Who does not reproach himself? Who does not reproach himself?

The whole universe is full of weeping…

full of cheers… and full of laughter….

Incomparably enjoyable… incomparably enjoyable….


The light rain is pattering… the heavy snow is swirling….

All people are in joy and sorrow, in joy and sorrow. …

Some are laughing… some are sobbing…

some are cheering….

It seems all people forget… whether it is the rainy spring,

hey … hey….

the blossomy summer, the abundant autumn,

or the icy winter; no one knows….

The cloud of the sky is floating;

the seawater of the earth is boiling.

All the sons are dancing… all the people are leaping….

The angels are working… the angels are shepherding….

The people on earth are all busying;

the things on earth are all increasing.

The people on earth are all busying;

the things on earth are all increasing.


from “The Kingdom Anthem” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe
in The Word Appears in the Flesh