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The Church of Almighty God |Men’s Various Embarrassments Brought About by a Practical Problem

There is another kind of people who have the most miserable outcome. They are the kind of people I am most unwilling to mention. The reason why they are said to be miserable is not that they are punished by God, or that God’s requirement for them is so harsh that they have a miserable outcome, but that they bring it upon themselves. As the saying goes, “Self do, self have.” What kind of people are they? This kind of people do not take the right way and have their outcome revealed before the due time. In God’s eyes, such people are the ones he loathes the most. In human terms, such people are most miserable. At the beginning of their following God, they were very zealous and paid much price; they had a very positive view as to the prospect of God’s work and were full of imaginations about their own future; and they had a great faith in God, believing that God could make man complete and bring man a pleasant destination. However, for certain reasons, they ran away during God’s working. What does this “ran away” mean? It means that  Continue reading