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Jesus’ Coming Again | Almighty God’s Utterance “Christ Does the Work of Judgment with the Truth”

Almighty God says, “The end-time Christ uses the truths of many aspects to teach man, expose man’s essence, and dissect man’s words and deeds. These words contain the truths of many aspects such as, man’s duty, how man should obey God, how man should be faithful to God, how man should live out a normal humanity, God’s wisdom, and God’s disposition, and so on. These words are all directed at man’s essence and man’s corrupt disposition. Especially the words exposing how man rejects God are directed at man’s being the embodiment of satan and at man’s being the hostile force against God. In doing the work of judgment, God does not thoroughly speak about man’s nature with a few words but exposes, deals with, and prunes for a long time. These exposing, dealing, and pruning in various ways cannot be substituted with ordinary words but are substituted with the truths man does not have at all. Only such a way is judgment, and only such judgment can subdue man and can cause man to be sincerely convinced toward God and have a true knowledge of God. What the work of judgment brings is man’s knowledge about God’s real image and man’s knowledge of his true condition of being disobedient. The work of judgment causes man to understand much about God’s will, understand much about the purpose of God’s work, and comprehend much about the mysteries man could not understand. And it also causes man to know and understand the substance and the root of man’s corruption and causes man to discover his ugly face. All these work results are brought by the work of judgment, because the substance of the work of judgment is actually a work that God’s truth, way, and life are opened to all those who believe in him.”

The Church of Almighty God |People Have Many Thoughts About the Standard by Which God Decides Men’s Outcomes

Since what everyone cares about is his outcome, do you know how God decides men’s outcomes? By what means does God decide a person’s outcome? By what standard does God decide a person’s outcome? Before men’s outcomes are decided, what works does God do to reveal their outcomes? Does anyone know these? As I have just said, some people have investigated in God’s word for a long time to see what actually men’s outcomes are, what categories men’s outcomes are classified into, and what different outcomes there are for different men, and also to see how men’s outcomes are decided in God’s word and by what standard and what means God decides a person’s outcome. But in the end they still fail to find the answers. Actually in God’s word, these things are spoken about only briefly, not much. Why? Before men’s outcomes are revealed, God does not want to tell anyone the final result, nor does he want to tell men in advance what their destinations are like, because to do so is of no benefit to them. Now here I only want to tell you by what means God decides men’s outcomes, by what working principles God decides men’s outcomes and reveals men’s outcomes, and by what standard God decides whether a person can be left alive. Isn’t this also what you are most concerned about? Then in man’s notion, how does God decide a person’s outcome? Continue reading