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God’s Will | Almighty God’s Utterance “Only Those Who Know God’s Present Work Can Serve God”

Almighty God says, “If one can drop his religious notions, he will not measure God’s present word and work by his mind but will obey them directly. Even if God’s present work is obviously different from his former work, you can drop your former viewpoints and directly obey God’s work of today. If you can know that no matter what work God did before, you should put God’s present work first, then you are a person who drops notions, and you are a person who obeys God and who can obey God’s word, obey God’s work, and keep up with God’s footsteps. Such is a person who truly obeys God.”

Almighty God’s Utterance “How Could Those Who Circumscribe God Within Their ‘Notions’ Receive God’s ‘Revelation’?”

Almighty God says, “God does not continue the same work. His work changes continuously, and he always does new works. For example, every day I speak new words to you and do new works on you. This is the work I do, which is mainly characterized by being “new” and “peculiar.” The word, “God is ever unchanging, and God is God after all,” is absolutely true. God’s essence does not change, God is God after all, and he cannot become satan. But these do not prove that his work is ever unchanging as his essence is. If you say that God is ever unchanging, then how do you explain God’s being ever new and never old? God’s work spreads continuously and changes continuously, and God’s will is revealed and made known to people continuously.”