Faith in God | Almighty God’s Utterance “To Whom Are You Faithful?”

Almighty God says, “This is because over so many years, I have never received the “faithfulness” of any one of you. Having followed me for so many years, you have never had the slightest “faithfulness” to me. Rather, you have been centering around the people you like and the things you like, and you even have them set in your hearts at any time and in any place and have never discarded them. You are zealous toward anything you like and have deep love for anything you like while you are following me, even while listening to my word. So, I say that you all are making use of the faithfulness I require of you to be faithful to your pets and treasure your pets. Although you have offered up a bit for my sake, it does not represent your all, and it does not mean that the one you are really faithful to is me.”

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