Daily Archives: 2015-07-26

Good Shepherd | Almighty God’s Utterance “As To the Future Mission, How Should You Treat It”

Almighty God says, “Can you express God’s “disposition of the age” in suitable language that has age significance? Through your experience of God’s work, can you describe in detail the disposition of God? How can you describe it fittingly, appropriately? So that through this, others can learn about your experiences. How will you pass on your seeings and experiences to those pitiable, poor, and devout religious believers who hunger and thirst for righteousness and are waiting for you to shepherd them? What kind of “characters” are waiting for you to shepherd them? Can you imagine?Are you aware of the burden you shoulder, your commission, and your responsibility? Where is your historic sense of mission?”

Hearing God’s Voice| Almighty God’s Utterance “Are You Truly a Believer in God?”

Almighty God says, “I have held people to a very strict standard all along. If your loyalty comes with intentions and conditions, then I would rather not have any of your so-called loyalty, for I abhor those who deceive Me through their intentions and extort Me with conditions. I only wish for people to be loyal to none other, and to do all things for the sake of and to prove that one word: “faith.” I despise your use of sweetened words to make Me rejoice. For I always treat you with complete sincerity and so I wish for you to also act toward Me with a true faith. When it comes to “faith,” many may think that they follow God because they have “faith,” otherwise they would not bear such suffering. Then I ask you this: Why is it that you do not revere God though you believe in His existence? Why, then, do you have no fear of God in your heart if you believe in His existence? You accept that Christ is the incarnation of God, so why do you hold such contempt and act so irreverently toward Him? Why do you openly judge Him? Why do you always watch His movements? Why do you not submit to His arrangements? Why do you not act in accordance with His word? Why do you extort and rob Him of His offerings? Why do you speak in the place of Christ? Why do you judge whether or not His work and His word are correct? Why do you dare blaspheme Him behind His back? Are these and others what constitute your “faith”?”