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End Times | Almighty God’s Utterance “God’s Work and Man’s Work”

Almighty God says, “The work done by God Godself is a work that involves all mankind and is also a work that represents the entire age. That is to say, the work of God Godself represents the movement and the trend of all the work of the Holy Spirit. But the work of the apostles is to continue the work after the work of God Godself, and it is not to lead the age and does not represent the trend of the work of the Holy Spirit in the entire age. They are only doing the work man should do, which does not involve the management work. The work done by God Godself is an item in the management work, and the work done by men is only the duty performed by the men used, which has nothing to do with the management work.”

Eternal Life | Almighty God’s Utterance “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together”

Almighty God says, “As man has lost the rest, God has lost his rest. When God enters into rest again, man will also enter into rest. The life in the rest will be a life in which there is no war, no filthiness, and no unrighteousness remaining, that is, there is no disturbance of satan (the hostile force), no corruption of satan, and no harassment of any force that is hostile to God, all things are after their kinds and worship the Creator, and the heavens and the earth are in peace. This will be mankind’s life in the rest. When God enters into rest, on earth there will be no more unrighteousness remaining and no more harassment of any hostile force, and mankind will enter into a new state and will no longer be the mankind corrupted by satan but a mankind who has been saved after being corrupted by satan.”