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Hymn of God’s Word “Only If One Obeys the Holy Spirit’s Work Can He Follow to the End”

Only If One Obeys the Holy Spirit’s Work Can He Follow to the End

1. The work of the Holy Spirit is becoming new from day to day and is uplifted from step to step, uplifted from step to step, tomorrow’s revelation being higher than today’s, and it always goes upward step by step. God perfects people just by working this way. If one cannot keep up, he may be eliminated at any time. If he does not have an obedient heart, he will not be able to follow to the end. God does not take any step of his work as a never-changing work; rather, he constantly does newer and higher work.

2. God’s work becomes more and more practical from step to step, and the more it is done, the more it is in accordance with people’s actual needs. Only by experiencing such work can people be transformed in their disposition in the end. People’s knowledge of life becomes higher and higher, so the work God does becomes higher and higher. Only in this way can people be perfected and be fit for God’s use, be fit for God’s use.

3. God works in this way, on the one hand, to counter people’s notions and correct their notions, and on the other hand, to lead them, to lead them into a higher and more practical state and into the highest realm of belief in God, so that his will can be fulfilled in the end.

4. In such work, you all should learn to obey and learn to drop your notions and should be cautious in taking each step. If you are careless, you will surely become ones who are detested and rejected by the Holy Spirit. Those who are disobedient by nature and resist intentionally will all be eliminated by this stage of fast and powerful work. Only those who have a mind to obey and are willing to “humble” themselves can walk to the end, walk to the end, walk to the end.

from “Those Who Sincerely Obey God Will Surely Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh