Almighty God’s Utterance “Man Likes to Circumscribe God by Experience”

   When we fellowship about the subject of knowing God, have you found a fact? Have you found that God now has a change in his attitude? Is God’s attitude toward mankind unchanging? Will God be patient like this forever and keep giving all his love and his mercy to man timelessly? This thing has to do with God’s substance again. Let’s come back to the question raised just now about the so-called prodigal sons’ return. After I asked that question, your answers are not very definite, which shows that you do not quite know the will of God. Once man knows that God loves him, he circumscribes God as the symbol of love: No matter what man does, no matter how man behaves, no matter how man treats God, and no matter how man disobeys, it does not matter, because God has love and God’s love is infinite and measureless; God has love, so he can bear with man; God has love, so he can have mercy on man, having mercy on man for his immaturity, for his ignorance, and for his disobedience. Is this really true? When having experienced God’s patience once or several times, some people take that as their capital of knowing God and think that God will be patient with them and have mercy on them forever. And in their whole life, they regard God’s patience with them as the standard for God’s treatment of them. Some others, after having received God’s tolerance for them once, circumscribe God as tolerance forever, which is timeless and unconditional and is even based on no principle at all. Are these views correct? Whenever you are asked about God’s substance and God’s disposition, you are at a loss. Seeing you are like this, I am really worried. You have heard much about the truth concerning God’s substance and much about the subject concerning God’s disposition, but in your mind these things, the truths of these aspects, are only theories and memories in letter. No one has ever realized or seen what God’s disposition is like in real life. So you all believe in a muddled way and believe blindly, and you even have a disdainful and disregarding attitude toward God. What does your such attitude toward God cause? It causes you to always circumscribe God. Once you know a little, you feel very content and feel that you have gained God’s everything, and then you circumscribe God and do not allow God to move. Once God does a new thing, you refuse to acknowledge that he is God. Consequently, when one day God says, “I no longer love man, I no longer have mercy on man, I no longer show any tolerance and patience to man, and I extremely loathe and detest man,” man resists such words from his heart, and some people even say, “You are no longer my God, and you are no longer the God I am to follow. Since you say such words, you are unqualified to be my God, and it is not necessary for me to follow you anymore. If you do not have mercy on me, give me love, or show me tolerance, I will not follow you any further. Only if you tolerate me timelessly and are patient with me all the time for me to see that you are love, you are patience, and you are tolerance, will I follow you and have faith to follow to the end. This is because only if you show patience and mercy to me can my disobedience and my transgression be forgiven and pardoned timelessly, and can I sin anytime and anywhere, confess my sin and be forgiven anytime and anywhere, and infuriate you anytime and anywhere, while you should not have any critical view or conclusion about me.” Although in everyone’s heart, you may not subjectively and consciously give such thoughts to this issue, yet when you treat God as a tool through which you can be forgiven of sins and as an object you can use to gain a pleasant destination, you already place the living God in opposition to yourself and treat him as your enemy unconsciously. This is what my eyes have seen. Although you repeatedly say, “I believe in God,” “I pursue the truth,” “I want to be transformed in my disposition,” “I want to break away from the powers of darkness,” “I want to satisfy God,” “I want to obey God,” “I want to be faithful to God and perform my duty well,”… no matter how pleasant to the ear your words are, how many theories you have, and how magnificent and high-sounding they are, actually many of you, following to this day, have learned to circumscribe God with the regulations, doctrines, and theories you have grasped, and have naturally placed God in opposition to yourselves. You have grasped the letters and grasped the doctrines, but you have not truly entered into the reality of the truth, so it is very hard for you to draw near to God, know God, and understand God. This is a very sad thing!

    In the video I saw such a scene as this: Several sisters are holding up a book of The Word Appears in the Flesh and holding it up very high. They are raising the book in the center and above their heads. Although this was a picture, what I saw was not a picture, but rather it made me think of the fact that in everyone’s heart, what he exalts is not God’s word but the book of God’s word. This is a very sad thing. Such doing is not exalting God at all, because you do not know God. Even in a very obvious and very small matter, you have notions about God within. When I asked you and when I questioned you closely, you gave answers based on imagination and guesswork, and someone even asked in reply with a doubting tone. From this, I know more clearly in my heart that what you believe in is not the true God. After you have read God’s word so many years, you again circumscribe God with God’s word, God’s work, and more doctrines. And you never try to know about God and ponder God’s will, and never try to know such issues as what God’s attitude toward man actually is, what God’s heart thinks, what God is sorrowful for, what God is angry for, why God detests and rejects man, and so on. More people think that God is always silent, because God is only watching man’s various manifestations, with no attitude or opinion. Some people even think that God is silent because God approves tacitly, that God is silent because God is waiting, or that God is silent because God has no attitude and because God’s attitudes have all been told in the book and have all been expressed to man, and there is no need to tell man repeatedly and from time to time. Though God is silent, God has his attitude, his viewpoint, and his required standard of man. Even though man does not try to know him or seek him, his attitude is very definite. As for the thing that some people who had followed God very zealously in those days forsook God and now want to come back, you do not even know what is God’s viewpoint on it and what is God’s attitude toward it. Isn’t this a very sad thing? Actually this is a very shallow thing. If you truly know God’s heart, you should have known what attitude he has toward such people and should not have answered ambiguously. Since you do not know it, let me tell you.

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