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Almighty God’s Word “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (1)”-06

When a man has received God’s commission, God has a standard as to how to judge whether the man’s deed is good or bad, whether he has obedience or not, whether he satisfies God’s heart’s desire or not, and whether his doings are up to the standard or not. What God pays attention to is man’s heart rather than his outward behavior. It is not that no matter how he does it, as long as he finishes it, God should bless him. This is man’s misunderstanding of God. God does not only look at the result of the thing, but pays much attention to what the man’s heart is like and what his attitude is like in the course of the development of the thing, and looks at whether there is obedience, consideration, and a desire to satisfy God in the man’s heart.

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The “selflessness” in man’s mind is empty and impractical, is with mixture, is incompatible with God, and has nothing to do with God. Man’s “selflessness” is for man himself, while God’s “selflessness” is a true expression of God’s substance. It is precisely because of God’s selflessness that man receives unfailing supply from God.

from God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (1)
in A Continuation of the Word Appears in the Flesh—The Way to Know God I