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The Church of Almighty God | With a Heart Hostile to God, How Can Man Fear God and Shun Evil

 Since people now do not have the humanity like Job’s, what are the substance of their nature and their attitude toward God? Are they ones who fear God? Are they ones who shun evil? Since they are not ones who fear God and shun evil, they can only be summarized in two words “God’s enemy.” You often say these two words, but you never know their real meaning. The words “God’s enemy” have their substantive side. It is not that God regards man as his enemy, but that man regards God as his enemy. First, let’s see everyone’s original intention in believing in God: Who does not have his purpose, intent, and ambition? Even though some people believe in and see God’s existence, they still believe in God with such an intent, and their ultimate purpose in believing in God is just to receive from God blessings and the things they want. In men’s life experience, they often think this way: I have given up my family and career for God; what has God given to me? I need to do a count, and check whether I have received any blessings in this period of time. I have spent much in this period, having run a lot and suffered a lot. Does God have any promise to me for my manifestations during this period? Does God remember my good deeds? What will my outcome be? Can I receive the blessings? … Everyone calculates in their heart like this constantly and frequently, and demands from God with intents, ambitions, and bargains. That is to say, men’s heart is unceasingly tempting and calculating against God, and they also keep “reasoning strongly” with God for their outcome and asking God for promises, seeing if God can give them the things they want. For men’s part, while they pursue God, they do not treat God as God, but bargain with God all the time, demand from God constantly, and even press God closely and reach out for a yard after taking an inch. While bargaining with God, they are also arguing with God. Some people, when encountering trials or circumstances, even often become weak, get passive and slack in work, and are full of complaints about God. From the beginning of their believing in God, people regard God as a treasure bowl and an all-inclusive box, but take themselves as God’s greatest creditors, thinking that demanding blessings and promises from God’s hand is the right and duty men are born with, and that keeping, caring for, and supplying men are the responsibility God should do. This is the most basic understanding every believer in God has about the words “belief in God,” and is also the deepest understanding every believer in God has about the concept of “belief in God.” Of all things from the substance of man’s nature to man’s subjective pursuit, none has to do with “fearing God,” and their purpose in believing in God cannot possibly be related to “worshiping God.” That is to say, men never intend or know to fear and worship God in their believing in God. Judging from such state of theirs, their substance is apparent. What is their substance? It is that they are malicious-hearted, are sinister and crafty, dislike fairness and justice, dislike positive things, and are contemptible and greedy. Men’s heart is tightly closed to God, and they simply do not give their heart to God. God has never seen men’s true heart or received their worship. No matter how great a price God pays, how many works he does, or how much he supplies men with, they just ignore them and remain unmoved. Men never give their heart to God, and they just want to govern it themselves and make decisions themselves. This implies that they do not want to walk the way of “fearing God and shunning evil,” do not want to obey God’s sovereignty and arrangement, and do not want to worship God as God. This is the state of people now. Let’s again look at Job. First, did he bargain with God? Did he have his own purposes in holding fast the way of “fearing God and shunning evil”? Did God say anything about the future outcome to anyone at that time? At that time, God did not give anyone the promise concerning the outcome. It was under such a background that Job feared God and shunned evil. Can people of today compare with him? The gap between the two is too wide. They are not at all in the same class. Although Job did not know God much, he gave his heart to God and it belonged to God. He never made bargains with God and did not have any extravagant desires or demands on God, but instead he thought that “the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away.” This was what he saw from his holding fast the way of “fearing God and shunning evil” in many years of his life and was the fruit he gained from it. And he also gained the fruit that “shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?” These two words were what he saw and knew through his attitude of obeying God in his life experience. These two words were also his most powerful weapon for overcoming satan’s temptation and were the foundation stone of his standing testimony for God. At this point, is Job a lovely man in your eyes? Do you hope to be such a man? Are you afraid to undergo the temptations from satan? Do you have the will to pray to God, asking God to try you as he tried Job? I believe most people dare not pray this way. It can be seen that your faith is pitifully small, and compared with Job’s, your faith is simply not worthy of mentioning. You are hostile to God, do not fear God, cannot stand testimony for God, and cannot overcome satan’s attacks, accusations, and temptations; what qualifies you to inherit God’s promise? After hearing Job’s story and knowing and understanding God’s will of saving man and the significance of man’s salvation, do you have the faith now to accept the same trials as Job’s? Shouldn’t you have some will to walk the way of “fearing God and shunning evil”?