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The Extraordinary Life Force of God | Short Film “Survival of Ordeals”

He is Huang Jie, an ordinary Christian of the Church of Almighty God. In April 2003, he was arrested by the CCP police when handling the church affairs. In the detention house, the policemen tortured him in many ways and tormented him within an inch of life time after time. When he was on the verge of death, Almighty God’s word supported and led him, bringing him out of the hopeless situation.

The Church of Almighty God | Job’s Faith in God Was Never Swayed Because of God’s Hiddenness

 In the next passage of scripture, Job said: “Behold, I go forward, but he is not there; and backward, but I cannot perceive him: On the left hand, where he does work, but I cannot behold him: he hides himself on the right hand, that I cannot see him.” (Job 23:8-9) In this passage of account, we learn that in Job’s experience, God was hidden from him all the time and God had never appeared to him openly or said anything to him openly, but in Job’s heart he firmly believed in God’s existence. He always believed that God either walked in front of him or did things on the right of him, and that although he could not see, God had been ruling over his everything beside him. Under the condition that Job had never seen God, he, however, could hold fast his faith; this is something no one else can do. Why can’t they do that? It is because God did not speak or appear to Job, and if he did not have a true faith, he could not possibly go on or hold fast the way of fearing God and shunning evil. This is true, isn’t it? How do you feel when you see that Job said these words? Don’t you feel that Job’s perfectness and uprightness and his righteousness before God are real and not exaggerated by God? Although God treated him in the same way as he treated others, not appearing to him or speaking to him, he still held fast his integrity and believed in God’s sovereignty, and moreover, he, afraid of offending God, often offered burnt offerings and often came to God to pray. From the fact that Job had never seen God yet could fear God, it can be seen how much Job loved positive things, how firm his faith was, and how practical his faith was. He did not deny God’s existence because God was hidden from him, nor did he lose faith and forsake God because he had never seen God. He experienced God’s existence and felt God’s sovereignty and power from God’s hidden work of ruling over all things. He did not give up being an upright man because of God’s hiddenness, nor did he give up walking the way of “fearing God and shunning evil” because God had never appeared to him. He never asked God to openly appear to him, so as to confirm God’s existence, because he had seen God’s sovereignty in all things. He believed that he had received the blessings and grace other people did not receive. Although God was hidden from him as ever, Job’s faith in God was never swayed. So, he received the fruit no one else had received: God’s commendation and blessing.