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The Church of Almighty God | The Relation Between God’s Delivering Job to Satan and the Purpose of God’s Work

 Although at this point most people approve of Job’s perfectness and uprightness and also approve of Job’s being a man who “fears God and shuns evil,” they do not understand God’s will better because of their approval of him. Many people, while admiring Job’s humanity and pursuit, raise such a question to God: Since Job was so perfect and upright and was so much adored by people, why did God deliver him to satan and let him suffer so much? I believe that such a question exists in the heart of many people; that is to say, this question is a question in the heart of most people. Since the question perplexes most people, it’s very necessary for us to lay it on the table and make it clear.

Everything God does is very necessary and has extraordinary meaning, because all that he does on man has to do with his management and mankind’s salvation. Of course, the work God did on Job was not an exception, though Job was a perfect and upright man in God’s eyes. That is to say, no matter what God does, what means he uses, what price he pays, and what goal he aims at, his purpose of doing things is unchanged. This purpose is to work into man God’s word, God’s requirement, and God’s will for man, that is, to work into man all positive things in God’s eyes according to God’s steps, so that they can understand God’s heart, understand and know God’s substance, obey God’s sovereignty and arrangement, and thus fear God and shun evil. This is one purpose of God’s doing things. On the other hand, because satan is a setoff and a serving object in God’s work, man is often delivered to satan. By this means, God lets man see satan’s evil, ugliness, and baseness in its temptation and attack and thereby hate it and have knowledge and discernment of negative things, and in this course, he lets man gradually break free from satan’s control and get free from satan’s accusation, disturbance, and attack. When a man can completely overcome satan’s attack and accusation by God’s word, by his knowledge of and obedience to God, and by his faith and fear of God, he will have been thoroughly rescued from satan’s domain. Man’s being rescued means the declaration of satan’s failure and means that he will no longer be food in satan’s mouth or an object satan wants to devour but will be an object satan gives up. This is because such a man is upright and has faith, obedience, and fear of God and is one who completely breaks with satan, he causes satan to be shamed, frightened, and thoroughly defeated, and his faith in following God and his obedience and fear of God defeat satan and cause satan to completely give him up. Only such a man is one who has been truly gained by God. This is the ultimate goal of God’s saving man. Every follower of God, if he wants to be saved and be completely gained by God, must face small and great temptations and attacks from satan. He who gets out of them and can completely overcome satan is a saved man. In other words, a man saved by God is one who has undergone God’s trials and undergone countless temptations and attacks from satan; a man saved by God is one who understands God’s will and God’s requirements and can obey God’s sovereignty and arrangement and who does not give up the way of “fearing God and shunning evil” in satan’s temptations; a man saved by God is an honest and kind man who is clear about what to love and what to hate and has sense of justice and rationality and who cares for God and treasures God’s everything. Such a man is free from satan’s bondage, spying, accusation, and affliction, and is one who has had perfect freedom and one who has been completely released and freed. Job was such a free man. This is where the significance of God’s delivering Job to satan lies.

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Although Job underwent satan’s affliction, he received the eternal freedom and release and received the right that he could be forever free from satan’s corruption, affliction, and accusation and could live in the light of God’s presence and in God’s blessing to him with no concern and no worry. No one could deprive him of this right, no one could destroy it, and no one could take it as his. It was earned by Job with his faith and willpower and his obedience and fear of God. At the price of his life, he won the qualification and right to live a happy and joyous life on earth, and to justifiably worship the Creator on earth without any disturbance as a real created being. This is Job’s greatest fruit after he underwent the temptations.

Before man is saved, his life is often disturbed by satan or even controlled by satan. That is to say, an unsaved man is one who is kept in captivity by satan, one who has no freedom, one who is not yet given up by satan, one who has no qualification or right to worship God, and one who is hotly pursued and fiercely attacked by satan. Such a man has no happiness and no qualification of normal living, much less dignity. Only if you yourself rise up to war against satan, fight a life-and-death war against it with your faith in, obedience to, and fear of God as the weapon, and thoroughly defeat it, causing it to avoid you and be frightened at the sight of you, will it completely give up attacking and accusing you. At that time you will be rescued and become a free man. If you only have the determination to make a complete break with satan but do not have the powerful weapon for defeating it, then you are still in great danger. If this goes on for long, when you are tortured by it to be exhausted and yet you still cannot bear testimony or completely get free from its accusation and attack against you, your hope of being saved will be very faint. In the end, that is, when God’s work is declared concluded, if you are still grasped tightly by satan and unable to get free from it, you will never have the opportunity and hope. This implies that such a person has been completely taken captive by satan.