Eastern Lightning | Truth is the only thing that can bring rest to your heart

To man, the “truth” is an indispensable thing in his life and is something man cannot leave at any time, and it can be said to be the greatest thing. Although your eyes cannot see it and your hands cannot touch it, its importance to you cannot be neglected, and it is the only thing that can bring rest to your heart.

Jesus, Eastern Lightning,Eastern Lightning, The church of Almighty God, Almighty God

The short reunion made men who saw the Lord Jesus feel as if a generation had passed. Their heart was comforted which felt lost, perplexed, confused, uneasy, and worried, was full of yearning, and was numb. Men no longer doubted and was no longer disappointed, because they felt that they had hopes and reliance, and that the Son of man standing before them was their permanent support and eternal strong tower and refuge.

from God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (3)
in A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh —The Way to Know God I

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