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Hidden Blessings in Hardship | Short Film “The Most Beautiful Life”

Yi Jing is a Christian of the Church of Almighty God. In 2002, Yi Jing and her coworkers were arrested when they were having a meeting. Then, she was cruelly interrogated by the CCP lackeys for three days and nights: beaten up, hung by handcuffs, electrically shocked…. Almighty God’s word became her strong rear guard in her agony and helped her overcome the cruel tortures time and again. Attempting to force her into selling out the church, the conscienceless cops even tried to make a “bachelor” rape her, but Almighty God protected her. At the end of the rope, the cops began to extort money out of her family…. In the devil’s dark den, Yi Jing was afflicted physically and mentally. It was Almighty God’s word that led and guided her through one difficulty after another. Thus, she further strengthened her resolution to follow and love God, thereby living out a most beautiful life.