Eastern Lightning | Hymn of God’s Word “When Man Has Broken away from Satan’s Corruptions, He Will Be Saved by God”

When Man Has Broken Away from Satan’s Corruptions, He Will Be Saved by God

1. Man’s flesh is of Satan, is full of disobedient disposition and extremely filthy, and is something unclean. Man indulges in fleshly enjoyment too much and manifests the flesh too much, so God hates the flesh to a degree. When man has broken away from the filthy and corrupt things of Satan, he will be saved by God. But if man still has not cast off filthiness and corruptions, he is still under Satan’s domain.

2. Men’s intrigue against one another, crookedness, and craftiness are all the things of Satan. To save you is to make you break away from these, which is for saving you from darkness. When you believe to such an extent that you can break away from these corruptions of the flesh and are no longer restricted by the corruptions of the flesh, doesn’t it mean that you have been saved, saved?

3. When you live under Satan’s domain, you cannot manifest God. You are something filthy, filthy and cannot inherit God’s inheritance. After you are purified and perfected, you will be a holy, holy person and a normal person. Then you will be blessed by God and pleasing to God.

from “Practice (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

More: http://www.rainbowtoken.com/hymns-2

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