Glory of Love | Hymn of God’s Word “Who Would Understand God’s Will”

Who Would Understand God’s Will

1. God has given men the foundation of existence and given them the supply of materials, yet they do not rest content with their present situation. They ask to enter God’s kingdom, yet how can they easily enter God’s kingdom without paying the price or being willing to make a selfless consecration? God is not dunning men for something, but making a requirement of them so that His kingdom on earth will be filled with glory.

2. Men have been led into the present age, led into the present age by God, being in such a condition, and they all are living in the guidance of God’s light. If it were not so, who among men on earth would know his, would know his future? Who would understand God’s will? To men’s demands, to men’s demands, God attaches His requirements accordingly. Isn’t this a matter in conformity with, in conformity with the law of nature?

from “The Twenty-second Piece of Word” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh


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