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The Expression of God “God Himself, the Unique (III) God’s Authority (2)” (Part Two)

Content of the Video:
The Six Junctures in a Human Life
Birth: The First Juncture
1. A new life is born out of the Creator’s plans
2. Why different human beings are born under different circumstances
Growing Up: The Second Juncture
1. The circumstances under which one grows up are fixed by the Creator
2. The various circumstances under which people grow up give rise to the different roles
Independence: The Third Juncture
1. After becoming independent, a person begins to experience the sovereignty of the Creator
2. Leaving one’s parents and beginning in earnest to play one’s role in the theater of life
Marriage: The Fourth Juncture
1. One has no choice about marriage
2. Marriage is born of the fates of two partners

The Expression of God “God Himself, the Unique (II) God’s Righteous Disposition” (Part Three)

God’s words in this video are from the book “A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh.”
The content of this video:
(2) Humanity Won God’s Mercy and Tolerance Through Sincere Repentance
Synopsis of the Story of Nineveh
Jehovah God’s Warning Reached the Ninevites
The Stark Contrast in Nineveh and Sodom’s Reaction to Jehovah God’s Warnin
The Repentance of Nineveh’s King Won Jehovah God’s Commendation
God Saw the Sincere Repentance in the Depths of the Ninevites’ Hearts
If Your Belief in God Is True, You Will Receive His Care Often