The Interpretation of the Twelfth Utterance

         Just when all men are gazing, when all things renew and revive, and when all people contentedly obey God and are ready to take over God’s burden and take up the heavy responsibility, the Eastern Lightning comes forth, flashing from the east to the west, so that the whole earth is greatly startled because of the coming of this streak of light, and God, at this moment, begins a new living. That is to say, at this moment, God starts the new work on earth, declaring to people in the entire universe, “When the lightning comes forth from the east, it is just the time I begin to utter my voice and speak. When the lightning flashes out, the entire universe is lit up, and all the stars are changed.” Then when is the time that the lightning comes forth from the east? When it is murky in the sky and dark on earth, it is the time when God hides his face from this world and is also the very time when a furious storm is about to come upon the world. However, just at this moment, all people are panic-stricken, fearful of the sound of thunders, fearful of the shining of the lightning, and even more fearful of the attack of the storm, so much so that most people close their eyes waiting for the time when God strikes them down in fury. Accompanied by the occurrence of all kinds of states, the Eastern Lightning comes forth. That is, in the east of the world, from the time when God Godself begins to be testified to the time when he begins to work and to the time when the divinity begins to reign all over the earth, it is the light beam of the Eastern Lightning shining to the entire universe. When the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of Christ, it is the time when the entire universe will have been lit up. Now is the time when the Eastern Lightning comes forth, and the incarnated God begins to work, directly speaking in the divinity. It can be said that the time when God begins to speak and utter voice on earth is the time when the Eastern Lightning comes forth. To be exact, when living water flows out from the throne, that is, when the utterance from the throne starts, it is just the time the “seven Spirits’ speaking” formally begins. It is at this moment that the Eastern Lightning starts to come forth. Due to the length of time, the degree of illumination is different, and the scope of shining is also limited. But with the move of God’s work and with the change of God’s plan, that is, with the difference of the work on the sons and the people, the lightning increasingly performs its original function, to the extent that every place in the entire universe is illuminated, without any dregs or evils kept. This is just the crystallization of the six-thousand-year management plan of God, and what God enjoys is just this fruit. The “stars” do not refer to the stars in the sky, but refer to all the sons and the people who work for God. Because they bear testimonies for God in God’s kingdom and represent God in God’s kingdom, and because they are created beings, they are called the “stars.” The change refers to the change of their status and position: they are changed from men on earth to the people in the kingdom, and they have the presence of God and have God’s glory on them. Therefore, they reign for God, and the “poisons and impurities” within them are cleansed through God’s work, so that they finally become fit for God’s use and are after God’s heart. These are one aspect of the meaning of this word. When the light beam of God illuminates the whole earth, all things in heaven and on earth will change in varying degrees. The stars in heaven will also change, the sun and the moon will renew, and the men on earth will also renew accordingly. This is the work God does between heaven and earth, which is not surprising.

       When God saves people, who, of course, do not refer to those apart from the chosen people, it is the very time for him to purify and judge them. All people weep bitterly because of God’s speaking, either falling on the beds or being struck down to the ground and falling into hell of death. It is because of God’s utterance that they begin to know themselves. If this were not so, they all would have toads’ eyes―looking up, and none of them would be subdued or know themselves, knowing how much weight they exactly have. They have really been corrupted by satan to a degree. It is just because of God’s almightiness that he describes their ugly face to the life, so that they, after seeing it, all compare it with their real image. They all know that God seems perfectly clear about the number of the brain molecules in their brains, not to mention their ugly face or their thoughts. From the word “It seems as if all mankind are cleared up. Lit by this light beam from the east, all men are completely unmasked and blinded, not knowing what to do,” it is clearly shown that one day when God’s work ends up, the whole mankind will have been judged by God, no one able to escape. God will “dispose of” all mankind one by one and will not let off any of them. Only in this way can God’s heart be satisfied. So, God says, “And like animals, they flee into caves from my light to take refuge. However, there has been nothing that can escape from my light.” Men are all debased, low animals, living in satan’s hand as if taking refuge in deep mountains and forests. However, because nothing can escape from the burning of God’s flames, even if they are under the “protection” of satan’s force, how can they be “forgotten” by God? When people receive the reaching of God’s word, all their various odd states are depicted by God’s pen. God speaks just according to their needs and their psychology. So, in their eyes, God seems to be expert at psychology and seems to be a psychologist, and again, God seems to be a specialist in internal operation, and it is no wonder he knows so clearly about the “complicated” men. The more they think so, the more they feel God is valuable, and the more they feel God is unfathomable, as if there is an impassable “heavenly boundary” between “men” and “God.” But again, they seem looking at each other on either side of “the Chu River.” The two sides just look at each other, that is, people on earth just look at God with their eyes without having any opportunity to study carefully, and they just have a great attachment to God. They always feel God’s loveliness in their heart. However, because of “God’s” “ruthlessness,” they have never had an opportunity to pour out the bitterness in their heart before God. It seems as if they are a fair wife before her husband. But because of the integrity of her “husband,” she has never gotten an opportunity to unbosom her true feelings. Men are all contemptible wretches who do not love themselves. So, because of their “tweeness,” and because of their “lack of self-respect,” my hate for men unconsciously becomes somewhat more serious and thereby the fury in my heart arises spontaneously. In my mind there seem to be wounds, and I have long lost hope for men. But again, because “My day has once again drawn near to all mankind and has once again aroused mankind, so that mankind has another new starting point,” I once again get up the courage to conquer all mankind and to capture the great red dragon and defeat it. According to God’s original intention: In China he just conquers the children of the great red dragon, and only this is defeating the great red dragon and triumphing over the great red dragon, and only this can fully show that God reigns over the whole earth and show that God’s great work has been accomplished successfully and God has a new start and has gained glory on earth. Because of the final beautiful prospect, God cannot help expressing the pride and enthusiasm in his heart: “My heart is undulating. Along with my heart, mountains are leaping with joy in rhythm. Waters are dancing merrily, the waves lapping against the rocks. My heart is hard to express.” It clearly shows that what God plans is just what God has accomplished, is what God has preordained, and is just what God requires people to experience and see. The prospect of the kingdom is beautiful, and King of the kingdom is victorious. There is not any flesh and blood from head to toe but only holy element. He is ablaze with holy luster all over without any mixture of human will, and he is laden with justice and the heavenly breath all over, giving off an attractive fragrance, just like the beloved in Song of Songs. He is more beautiful than all the saints and higher than the ancient saints, and is an exemplar among all men and the One whom no one can compare with or is worthy to look in the face. God’s countenance, God’s face, and God’s image no one can reach, and no one can match. No one can easily praise him a great deal with his mouth.

        God’s words are inexhaustible, being ever-flowing like flowing spring. So, as for the mysteries in God’s management plan, no one can fathom them, yet God can never tell all of them. As to the matter that God is going to renew and thoroughly change the entire universe, God has spoken about it several times in different ways and with different words, but each time it becomes deeper, “I will get all the unclean things reduced to ashes in my eyes, and I will get all the sons of disobedience disappear before my eyes and never remain.” Why does God say this many times? Is God not afraid that people should feel bored? People just grope in God’s words and try to know God through this. But they always forget to examine themselves. So, God reminds them in this way and causes them to know themselves and know man’s disobedience from themselves, thus eliminating their disobedience before God. At the sight of God’s word that he will “clear up,” people immediately become nervous and their muscles seem to stop undulating, and they immediately return before God to make a self-criticism and know God. After this, that is, after people make a resolution, God strikes while the iron is hot and shows them the essence of the great red dragon, so that they directly contact the spiritual realm. And because of the function of the resolution, their zeal takes effect accordingly. This promotes further the emotion between God and men, and this is more beneficial to God’s work in the flesh. Thus, people unconsciously have the mood to look back to the past: In the past, for so many years we had believed in the vague god, and for so many years we had never gotten released in the heart and could not enjoy very well. Although we believed in God, we live a disordered life, which seemed to be the same as when we had not believed yet. In life, we still felt empty and hopeless. Our belief at that time seemed to be an entanglement, and it would be better not to believe. Since we saw the practical God Godself of today, heaven and earth seem to have been renewed. With luster added to the life, we are no longer disappointed. Because of the coming of the practical God, we feel secure in the heart and peaceful in the spirit, and whatever we do, we do not chase the shadow anymore, no longer do we pursue without a goal or box without a definite aim. The life today is happier, and we have actually entered into the kingdom to be the people, and in the future…. The more they think in their heart, the more they feel sweet, and the more they think, the more they feel pleased, thus arousing them to love God more. In this case, the “friendship” between “God” and “men” is promoted unconsciously. People have more love for God and have more knowledge of God, so that God’s work on them is easier and easier to be done. God no longer needs to force or compel them but lets nature take its course, making them perform their special function. Only in this way can they gradually know God. Only this is God’s wisdom, bringing what men have into play according to their nature without exerting any strength. So, at this moment God says, “When I am incarnated and come to the world, men have all unconsciously come to this day under my leading and have all unconsciously known me. But as to how to walk the future journey, no one knows or is clear about it, much less does anyone know where the future way goes. Only under the care of the Almighty can men reach the end of the way. Only under the guidance of the Eastern Lightning can men step in the gate of my kingdom.” Isn’t this just the summary about the state of men’s heart mentioned above? This is the top secret of God’s speaking: What men think in their heart is just what God says in his mouth, and what God says in his mouth is just what men desire. This is what God is most good at in disclosing what is in men’s heart; no wonder people are all sincerely convinced! Isn’t this just the result God is going to achieve by conquering the great red dragon?

       Actually, according to God’s original meaning, many words do not mean what they literally mean. By many words God just changes people’s notions and diverts their attention on purpose. God does not pay attention to these words, so, many words are unworthy of being interpreted. When people have all been conquered by God’s words to such an extent of today, their zeal has reached another extent, so God immediately speaks the word of warning, which is the constitution issued to the people: “Although men on earth are as many as stars, I know them like the back of my hand. And although men who ‘love’ me are as many as the sand of the sea, those chosen by me are not many, and they are just the pursuers of light other than those who ‘love’ me.” Indeed, there are many people who love God with their mouth, yet those who love God in their heart are too few to mention, as if their number can be counted with the eyes closed. This is the actual situation of the world of all the believers in God. From this we can see that at this moment God switches over to the work of clearing up men. It shows that what God wants and what God is satisfied with is not the church of today, but the kingdom after the clear-up. At this moment, God once again gives a warning to all the “people in danger.” God may not do it, but once he does, all those people will be cleared out of the kingdom. God never acts perfunctorily, and he always does things by the matter-of-fact principle. If there is a person he is unwilling to see, he will make every effort to clear him out, to get rid of the future trouble. This is “clearing off the rubbish and being perfectly clean.” When God issues the administrative decrees to people, it is the very time for God to introduce to them his wonderful deeds and his inner beings. Therefore, after this, Gods says, “In mountains there are countless beasts, yet they are docile like sheep before me; in seas there are mysteries of the sea unsearchable to men, yet they, like all things on earth, are all manifest to me; in the universe there are realms beyond men’s reach, yet I travel everywhere in the realms that men cannot reach.” God means this: Although men’s heart is deceitful above all things, as if their heart, like the hell in their notions, has “innumerable mysteries,” God knows men’s actual situation like the back of his hand. Among all things, men are an animal that is more savage than a beast. But God has conquered them to such an extent that none of them dare rise up to revolt. Actually, according to God’s will, although all that is in men’s heart is more complicated and fathomless than everything in all things, God takes men’s heart as nothing but just considers it an insect in his sight. He can conquer it with some casual words, strike it down at any time, punish it casually, and condemn it at will.

       Today, all men are living in darkness. But because of the coming of God, they come to know the substance of the light on account of seeing God. In the whole world, it seems as if there is a big black cauldron covering the whole earth, and all men are suffocating. All want to reverse the condition of the world, but none of them has been able to lift the black cauldron. It is because of the incarnation of God that men suddenly see the light. They all have seen the practical God, so God asks them in a questioning tone, “Men have never known me in the light, but have seen me in the dark world. Aren’t you in such a circumstance today? It was when the great red dragon was mad and arbitrary to the utmost that I began to formally do my work in the flesh.” God does not conceal the actual situation of the spiritual realm or hide the true state of people’s heart, so he repeatedly reminds them, “I not only aim to let the people know the incarnated God but also to purify all the people. Because of the sternness of my administrative decrees, most people are still in danger of being eliminated by me. If you do not try your best to deal with yourselves and discipline your body, then you will surely become the ones to be rejected by me and thus be cast into hell, just as Paul is directly punished in my hand, being unable to get released.” The more God says so, the more people keep a close watch on their steps, and the more they are fearful of God’s administrative decrees. Only in this way can God’s authority be brought into play and God’s majesty be revealed. Here mentioning Paul another time is to let people understand God’s will that they should not be the ones to be punished but be the ones who care for God’s will. Thus, people, in the midst of fear, will recall that their previous resolutions before God could not fully satisfy God, thus being more extremely remorseful and having more knowledge of the practical “God,” so that they will have no doubt about God’s word.

        “Not only do men not know the me in the flesh, but they even less understand the themselves living in the flesh. Over so many years, men have been cheating me and considering me as a visitor. For many times….” In these “many times” God lists the reality of men’s resisting God, letting them see the evidences for their being chastised. These are proofs of crimes, and no one can excuse themselves. Men all use God as their household articles of everyday use, as if God is a household “necessary,” taking him for their use at any time. No one treasures God, and no one knows God’s goodness and glorious countenance, much less does anyone intentionally obey God. And no one has ever regarded God as the “beloved thing” in his heart. They all drag up God when they need him and put him aside without paying any attention to him when they do not need him. In their eyes, God seems to be a “puppet” for them to order about, and they can make demands on God as they wish and think. However, according to what God says “If I, when being incarnated, did not care for men’s weaknesses, then all men would have their soul and body parted because of the matter of my being incarnated and thus fall into Hades,” it can be clearly seen how great the significance of God’s being incarnated is. He conquers all mankind in the flesh, and he does not destroy all mankind in the spiritual realm. So, when God is “incarnated,” no one knows. If God, not caring men’s weaknesses, had had the whole world turned upside down when being incarnated, all men would have been destroyed. With their nature of abandoning the old for the new, men often forget bitterness when they enjoy sweetness, not appreciating the blessing while living in it, so God repeatedly reminds them to treasure today for it has not come easily, and to better treasure today for the sake of tomorrow, but not to “deny the lord after ascending to a high position” like beasts or live in the blessing without appreciating it. In this case, they will all behave themselves rather than boast and preen, realizing that it is not that their nature is good, but that God’s mercy and love come upon them. They are all afraid of being punished, so they dare not do anything.

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