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I Held Fast to the “Bible” and Became a “Pharisee” of the Present Age

In May 2002, I accepted the end-time gospel of Almighty God. When I went to preach to the brothers and sisters of my former denomination with guilt, they said to me, “In the past, you didn’t allow us to have contact with the believers in Almighty God, and said that they would gouge out people’s eyes and cut off their noses and commit adultery. But now you yourself have followed them. You are an apostate. How can you have the face to come to preach to us? …” When I heard those words, my thoughts returned to the past….

I began to believe in Jesus in 1989. In November 1992, I became the leader of the eight churches of the “Justification by Faith Church.” Later, the leader of the upper level said to me, “Only the God we believe in is the true God and the living God. All other denominations are heresies and cults. Never have contact with them, much less pray together with them. Otherwise, the evil spirit will come upon you. Then you will lose control of yourself.” Since then, I obeyed the leader’s “teaching” carefully and didn’t have contract with anyone of other denominations, fearing that I might “go astray.”

In 1995, more than ten people had brought me the books of God’s word, such as The Word of That Spirit and Walking in the Light. I just skimmed over a part of the content of the book The Word of That Spirit carelessly, and then said angrily, “The words in this book are all curses. God is gentle and good and kind. How could he possibly curse people in such a way?” And after those words, I remembered what the leader said, so I returned the books to them and said stiffly, “Our belief is different. It’s unnecessary for us to fellowship!” Afterward, I lost no time in telling this matter to the leader above. He said, “They are the people of the ‘Eastern Lightning.’ They are very powerful. They believe in a heresy, a cult, and a female christ. You must guard against them strictly and prevent them from stealing the sheep from us….” Since then, guarding against the “Eastern Lightning” almost became all that I did in believing in God. Each time we had a meeting, I would say, “The ‘Eastern Lightning’ is coming to steal sheep. They want to take us to death. Never have contact with them or talk to them. Otherwise, they will keep pestering you.”

One day in October 1998, I was just watering the field when a brother of my denomination greeted me from afar. He said, “Brother, let me help you.” I knew that he had already accepted Almighty God, so I said angrily, “No need. If you are here, I’ll leave!” With the word, I threw the water pipe to the ground and left without turning round…. In a period of time afterward, more people came to preach to me, and every time I said to them sarcastically, “Fellowshipping with you is like playing a lute to a cow. Go to preach to those unbelievers if you are capable.” Just like that, I always made the brothers and sisters embarrassed. Nevertheless, they still came to preach to me continuously.

One day in 2001, my wife’s sister-in-law came to preach to me. I said sneeringly, “You are most ignorant and have the least knowledge of the Bible, and you have never travelled far. And you come to preach to me? I think you are all the blind leading the blind. You can come here when you have confessed and repented and converted to our belief. Otherwise, don’t come again!”

Although I watched every church “conscientiously,” there were still many brothers and sisters accepting the work of Almighty God. Then the upper leaders intensified their efforts to seal off the churches and distributed many materials that resisted Almighty God. I was particularly struck by the words in one of the materials, “People of the ‘Eastern Lightning’ infiltrate different denominations and sects to draw in workers in the name of shepherding the church. After they win their trust, they will take them to the remote, thickly forested mountains and force them to believe. If they refuse, they will beat them or even cut off their noses or gouge out their eyes or force them to have sexual relationship with them….” At that time, without making any discernment, I completely believed those words and hated the “Eastern Lightning” to the core on that account. I took the materials to the churches under my supervision and preached, “Don’t receive anyone who comes to preach to you as long as they are believers in Almighty God, much less listen to them, even if they are your parents!” I remembered that a relative of mine (who sold soy sauce) often came to preach to me at that time. But I said to him through gritted teeth, “If you come again, I’ll smash your soy sauce buckets! …” Afterward, I told the matter to the brothers and sisters in the churches and asked them to treat the people of the “Eastern Lightning” as I did. I also ordered the leaders of every church to watch the believers closely and not let them have contact with the believers in Almighty God, lest they be dragged away.

I was so busy sealing off the churches that sometimes I even had no time to take meals, yet still, it was to no avail. By March 2002, only few people were left in the church. Seeing the desolate state, I was extremely distressed in my heart. But I didn’t know to examine myself or seek, but only hated the brothers and sisters for their ignorance and the people of the “Lightning” for stealing our sheep.

I Held Fast to the “Bible” and Became a “Pharisee” of the Present Age

One day in May 2002, a sister of our denomination told me that two brothers from out of town who preached the gospel came to her home, and she asked me to go to fellowship with them about the Bible. Then I went to her home with curiosity. In the first two days, I saw eye to eye with them. We fellowshipped from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and with many points that I didn’t understand, they could explain them very clearly, which made me sincerely convinced. On the third day, a brother asked me smilingly, “Brother, which one do you think is greater, God or the Bible?” I felt a little surprised, “Why does he ask this way?” And I answered, “Of course God is greater.” The brother said, “Since God is greater, God can do a new work outside the Bible without being restrained by it, right?” At those words, I immediately realized that they were believers in Almighty God. So I retorted quickly, “Jesus said in John 14:6, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me.’ Salvation is found in no one else except Jesus, and all Scripture is inspired by God. This is the never-changing truth. You have departed from the Bible, and you are denying the truth. My belief is different from yours. It’s unnecessary for us to talk anymore.” With the word, I got up to leave. The two brothers smiled and asked me repeatedly to stay, “Brother, don’t be angry. Let’s sit down and have a good fellowship. Let’s see whether all scripture is inspired by God.” Hearing that, I clearly knew that they wanted to talk about the work of Almighty God. So I said more angrily, “The Bible is the testimony for God and is inspired by God. This is absolutely correct. All God’s words and works are recorded in the Bible. If one departs from the Bible, he is not believing in God. It is a heresy and a cult!” I was so furious at that time that I really wanted to beat them. However, no matter how angry I was, they remained calm, and said, “Brother, we are all believers in God. Jesus said that whoever hates his brother is a murderer. Why be angry? We can have a discussion together and learn from each other. What matters it?” Hearing those words, I felt a little embarrassed. So I continued to fellowship with them about the Bible with resistance. The brother asked me to read Jesus’ genealogy recorded in Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38. After I read them, the brother asked, “Are these two records the same?” I read them carefully again and found that in Matthew it was said that Jesus was an offspring of Solomon, the son of David, while in Luke it was written that Jesus was an offspring of Nathan, the son of David. I thought, “How come Jesus’ genealogy recorded in the two places is different? Why didn’t I find this problem before?” But I pretended that I didn’t notice it. One brother said with a smile, “You have seen it, right? These two genealogies are different. We can make a count. The two records don’t match until David, and there is a difference of forty-one generations. Isn’t that absurd? Can the genealogy be wrongly recorded? It was clearly Joseph’s genealogy, but they insisted that it was Jesus’ genealogy. We know that Jesus had nothing to do with Joseph at all. God is self-existing and ever-existing. How could he have a genealogy?” I pondered over it in my heart, “That’s right. The genealogy in the two places should be absolutely the same. How could there be a difference of the record of forty-one generations?” Then they showed me Luke 20:41-44, “And he said to them, How say they that Christ is David’s son? And David himself said in the book of Psalms, The LORD said to my Lord, Sit you on my right hand, Till I make your enemies your footstool. David therefore calls him Lord, how is he then his son?” After I read it, the brother said, “Even Jesus didn’t agree with such a saying, so could it be inspired by God?” I agreed with what the brother said in my heart, but outwardly, I assumed an air of nonchalance. The two brothers saw that I was still not convinced, so they found the records about Judas’ death. In Matthew 27:5, it says, “And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.” In Acts 1:18, it says, “Now this man purchased a field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the middle, and all his bowels gushed out.” The brother asked, “These two verses record the same thing, yet there were two different ends. One says that he hanged himself. The other says that he burst asunder in the middle and died. What do you think all this is about?” I was stunned and had nothing to say. My previous anger was completely gone. Before the iron facts, I had to acknowledge that not all Scripture was inspired by God. “I have believed in God for so many years and I’m versed in the Bible. How come I didn’t know these?” At that time, my heart was filled with mixed feelings, and I simply couldn’t describe how I felt. “There are actually so many strange problems in the Bible that I adore. It’s really unbelievable. But they can’t be denied.”

Then the brother continued, “The Age of the Grace has ended, and God has been incarnated and done a new work.” Hearing that, I flew into a temper again. “I only acknowledge that the Lord will come with clouds, for it is said in 1 Thessalonian 4:16-17, ‘For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air….’” The brother said mildly, “Don’t get angry. Let’s see whether the Lord should come now. It is recorded in Zechariah 14:4, ‘And his feet shall stand in that day on the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall split in the middle thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.’ As we all know, the Mount of Olives already split in 1991. That was a sign of the Lord’s coming. The scripture has already been fulfilled. Do you think that the Lord should not have come?” “Considering these, the Lord has come. But why haven’t I heard the shout?” The other brother said, “The ‘shout’ refers to the voice of preaching God’s end-time work. The brothers and sisters come to your house to preach, and isn’t their voice the ‘shout’? The ‘voice of the archangel’ refers to the voice of the leaders of various denominations and sects of sealing off the churches, telling you not to have contact with the people of the ‘Eastern Lightning,’ not to listen to their preaching, and so on. The ‘trump of God’ refers to the personal utterance of the end-time Christ, the words that the Holy Spirit says to the churches, which all who have ears should hear. Brother, please consider this carefully: Is it really true that you haven’t heard these voices?” I thought about it carefully and considered that what they said was reasonable. And the resistance in my heart gradually disappeared. Regarding whether the Lord will come in a spiritual body or in a flesh, the brother read Matthew 24:27, which says, ‘For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be,’ and Luke 17:24-25, which says, ‘For as the lightning, that lightens out of the one part under heaven, shines to the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.’ These two portions of scriptures both say that ‘the Son of man’ comes, so he will surely come through incarnation, not in a spiritual body.” I thought, “It’s right. If God came not through incarnation, how could he suffer many things and be rejected by this generation?” Later, I asked again, “The Bible says that ‘that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.’ Why do you say that the flesh is saved?” The brother said, “‘that flesh and blood’ refers to man corrupted by satan. We all are the offspring of the corrupted Adam and Eve and are the corrupted ‘flesh and blood,’ so we must undergo God’s end-time work of removing sin to have our corrupted flesh transformed into a holy body before we can inherit the kingdom of God.” Hearing that, I received inspiration and at the same time felt very remorseful, “Why didn’t I listen to their exposition first in the past but have kept holding to the Bible until today? I’m really blind and ignorant to the extreme.”

During my stay with the brothers who preached the gospel, I saw that their living out wasn’t like what was described in those materials at all, which said, “They use sinister and malicious means to force you to accept their way, and if you refuse to accept, they will lay murderous hands on you,” and so on. It was really that “Words are but wind, but seeing is believing!” I thought back to the scenes in these past days: No matter how arrogant, self-right, or unreasonable I was, they tolerated me with great love and patience; sometimes my manner was very stiff, and I was very impolite to them, but they never minded it and still fellowshipped with me calmly. With such living out and humanity, how could they be the people described in those materials? I began to doubt those materials. Then, I quieted my heart and continued to fellowship with them. As a result, I understood the mystery of God’s six-thousand-year management plan, and understood that God’s work today is the third stage of work after the work of the Age of the Law and the work of the Age of the Grace, and that not all Scripture is inspired by God and the Bible is only a historical book. Just as God’s word says, “The Bible is not completely a record of God’s personal utterance. It is only an account of the first two stages of God’s work. Part of it is the record of the prophecies of the prophets, and part of it is the experiences and knowledge written by the men used by God throughout the past generations. It is unavoidable that man’s experiences are mixed with human views and knowledge. In these many books, some words are men’s notions, prejudices, and erroneous understandings. Of course, most of the words are from the inspiration and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and are correct understandings, but still they cannot be said to be completely accurate expression of the truth. Their views on certain things were simply their own experiential knowledge or the inspiration from the Holy Spirit.” “All that was recorded in the Bible was the things that happened in Israel at that time, the things the chosen people of Israel did at that time, that is, the things Jehovah did. So later the Holy Spirit did not rebuke men for that. Even if they selected some or discarded some, the Holy Spirit, though not approving it, did not rebuke them. The Bible is purely the history of Israel and also the history of God’s work. Most of the people, events, and things recorded in it are real people, things, and events, and have no typifying meaning. Of course, the prophecies spoken by Isaiah and Daniel and the book of the vision written by John are exceptions. The Israelites of that time were all knowledgeable and educated and their ancient culture and knowledge were very advanced, so the words they wrote were higher than those written by people of today. Hence, it is not very surprising that they could write those books, because Jehovah did so many works among them and they saw so much.” After reading God’s words, I even more hated myself: I had treated the Bible as God, considering that believing in God was believing in the Bible, and circumscribed God within the Bible, not allowing God to work outside the Bible, and even resisted the work of the true God with the epistles of the apostles. I am really ignorant and deserve to die!

God’s word is just like a navigation light which shines with boundless radiance. The more I read it, the more I felt enlightened. God’s word says, “Every stage of work God does has practical significance. At that time when Jesus came, he was a male; this time when God comes, he is a female. From this you can see that God’s creating both man and woman can be for his work and that with God there is no distinction of gender. When his Spirit comes, he can put on any flesh as he likes, and this flesh can represent him. Whether this flesh is male or female, he can represent God as long as he is God’s incarnated flesh.” From these words I understood that God comes to earth mainly to do the work to save man, not to show man what his flesh is like. He can be a male or a female, and he can accomplish his work in either way. I really hated myself for circumscribing God’s gender according to my mind and even more hated myself for being so arrogant and self-right that I resisted God’s work and sealed off the church blindly without seeking even though I didn’t have the true knowledge of it, and thus played the role of an antichrist and became a Pharisee of the present age. However, although I was so disobedient, God didn’t abandon me but spared no efforts to save me. I indeed saw God’s boundless love for man.

After I took part in the church life, I saw that the brothers and sisters all spoke and behaved with decency and propriety and were simple and open when fellowshipping the truth and knowing themselves. Moreover, it is clearly stipulated in the fourth decree of the Ten Administrative Decrees, “Man has corrupt disposition and even more has emotion. So, in the service in coordination, two people of different sexes are forbidden to coordinate alone. If discovered, they shall be expelled, no matter who they are.” Seeing God’s words and these facts, I realized that it was purely a lie and slander that those materials say that believers in Almighty God commit adultery.

Not long after I followed Almighty God, I preached the gospel to two brothers of my former denomination, but they only believed for a few days and dropped out because of their uncertainty about God’s work. At that time, the brothers and sisters fellowshipped with me, “You should continue to preach to them. God’s intention is to save every man to the utmost. God expects that all those who truly love him can come before him. They drop out because they don’t know about God’s work.” I saw that when the brothers and sisters preached to those two brothers patiently again, they neither were beaten nor had their eyes gouged out or their noses cut off. That proved once again that what was said in those materials distributed by our leaders above, such as “gouge out your eyes,” and “cut off your nose,” was nothing but smears and slanders. At that time, I even more hated myself for looking up to the leaders too much before, always thinking that all that they said was true and right. Only then did I know that it was because I had no discernment and believed rumors easily that I blindly condemned God’s end-time work and acted as a messenger of satan. Such deeds of mine really harmed others and me. If Almighty God didn’t save me today, I wouldn’t even know why if I were punished by God to death. I thank Almighty God that he brings me, a great evil man who resisted and disobeyed him, before him by his wonderful and wise work. O God! In the rest of my time I will care for your will and perform my duty to repay your love!

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Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.


I Was Conquered by Almighty God’s Word During My Resisting Him

I was formerly a key co-worker of the Justification by Faith Church, and I lived in Shuangyashan City. In 1992, I turned to the Lord Jesus because of my wife’s long-term illness. Not long afterward, my wife gradually grew better, and a year later she recovered. To repay the Lord’s love, my wife and I pursued hard, and we never lagged behind in attending meetings and preaching the gospel. Later, I was assigned by our church to work in other places and support the churches there all year round. At that time, I was full of enthusiasm and felt that believing in the Lord was the most meaningful thing and at no time would I leave the Lord.

In 1998, without knowing why, the brothers and sisters in the churches were not eager to attend meetings anymore. Some returned to the world to make money; some were plagued by their family and turned away from the Lord. I also felt depressed in spirit, and neither my love nor faith could compare with before. However, as a preacher, I couldn’t show my weakness before the brothers and sisters, so I had to force myself to grin and bear it.

I Was Conquered by Almighty God’s Word During My Resisting Him

Right at that time, Sister Zhang, a co-worker in Jiamusi area, told us, “Now there appears a sect called ‘Eastern Lightning.’ They are very dangerous. As long as you get in touch with them, you will be deceived. These people are extremely brutal. If you refuse to accept their way, they will gouge out your eyes, cut off your nose, and then throw you in the wilderness. They are preaching another gospel by a different name from Jesus. It is purely a false christ….” At this, I began to hate “Eastern Lightning” from the depth of my heart. I cursed the people of “Eastern Lightning” every day in my prayers, asking the Lord to punish them and wipe them out quickly lest the brothers and sisters who believed in Jesus be deceived. Because of the matter of resisting “Eastern Lightning,” I, a person who had been weak for a long time, seemed to be suddenly injected with stimulants and began to be busy again. I thought to myself, “It’s time for me to be faithful to the Lord. This time I’ll definitely give an excellent account of myself.” So, I preached that “Eastern Lightning” was a heresy and an evil spirit on and off the platform and also closed the churches everywhere to outsiders. Whenever I heard that there were people of “Eastern Lightning” somewhere, I would run there at all costs and drive them away. Besides, I often tailed them like a plainclothesman.

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