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How I Accepted Almighty God

I was formerly a believer in the “Three-Self sect,” and I had followed Jesus for over twenty years. Like other brothers and sisters, I had also been awaiting the day when I would be raptured and meet God in the air. But later, everything I did was against this wish. Thinking back to that now, I really regret very much….

One day in the winter of 1996, Brother Zhao of our sect came to my home in a hurry and said to me, “Brother, someone told me that God has come to China and done a new work. What do you think about it?” At that, I flew into a rage and roared, “Nonsense! Jesus said, ‘But of that day and that hour knows no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.’ They are so bold as to dare to speak such a word by their own will. That is purely a false christ! Don’t listen to them. Believe in the Bible, and that won’t be wrong.” Brother Zhao said then, “Right! I think so too. But there is a great dispute about that in the meeting places in the south district and believers there are at a loss what to do. Could you go there with me to give a message? We should keep them from going astray.” At the time, I, angry and worried, agreed without the least hesitation.

On the evening of the third day, three of us, Brother Zhao and I and another brother, hurried to a meeting place. I preached recklessly on the pulpit, “Now the people of the ‘Eastern Lightning’ say that the Lord Jesus has been incarnated the second time and come to China to do his work. This is a deceitful lie. Never believe it. I have asked many pastors and elders about that, and they all said that they didn’t know it. So can the people of the ‘Eastern Lightning’ know it? Do you think my words are reasonable?” The brothers and sisters answered with one voice, “Yes!” At that time I was very pleased with myself: Though I didn’t say much, it produces an immediate effect. A brother declared himself right away, “We mustn’t listen to the message of the ‘Eastern Lightning.’ We must stand firm on our most holy faith….” As the result of my preaching, the meeting was filled with an atmosphere of “fighting for justice”…. I felt that I was so capable of working! But little did I expect that my such faithful devotion would be repaid with disasters one after another….

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The Confession of a Person Who Frenziedly Resisted Almighty God

The rumor “the people of the ‘Eastern Lightning’ will cut off others’ ears or gouge out their eyes” came to my ears somehow. Foolish and ignorant and without any discernment, I acted as a daring vanguard of resisting God with the Bible in my hand. However, in the years of competing with the “Eastern Lightning,” I not only didn’t hinder the surging waves of Almighty God’s work from advancing, but I exposed my ugly face in God’s light thoroughly and suffered punishment from God. Recalling the past events, I’m really extremely ashamed.

I was a person who adored influence very much. When I believed in Jesus with my parents in my childhood, I adored those superior preachers very much. In 1988, on the strength of the regard of Zhang Meng’en, a senior pastor in our denomination, I became a co-worker in our county. From then on, I had opportunities to enjoy great popularity. With my little “gift,” I swanked and showed off myself wherever I went.

In spring 1993, I heard of God’s end-time work. After hearing it, I began to blindly condemn it, saying that it was a heresy, a cult, and told believers to be on their guard against it.

In winter 1995, two brothers came to my home to preach God’s new work and brought me a book named “The Lightning Coming from the East.” Seeing that it was also about the Lord’s second coming, I drove them away without allowing them to speak. After that, I began to preach wildly in the churches of our county, “The ‘Eastern Lightning’ is a heresy, an evil spirit. It is a false christ coming to deceive people in the name of the Lord.” Wherever I went, I frightened the believers and sealed off the church and instructed them to pray to curse this stage of God’s work. I condemned God’s new work blindly without investigating it but thought that I had “piercing eyes” and could discern it. I was indifferent to the fact that believers were cold and weak in faith, but whenever I heard someone accept Almighty God, I was alarmed and hurried to disturb him.

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