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Why the CCP Crazily Suppresses and Cruelly Persecutes the Church of Almighty God


Why Has the Famous Media BBC Become the CCP’s Mouthpiece?

Why Has the Famous Media BBC Become the CCP’s Mouthpiece?

by Mo Ran

(from China)

Since the establishment of the BBC, it has received the favorable comment of people from various countries and the respect of other media with its aim of fearing no power, not being driven by profits, respecting human rights, safeguarding justice, and reporting the true fact objectively. However, on August 14, 2014, an article entitled A Report on the Spot: The Chinese Cult that Kills “Demons” on the BBC Chinese website, which was written by Carrie, the BBC China editor, greatly surprised me. I never expected that the BBC would speak for the CCP and conduct propaganda and crack down on religious belief for the CCP. What makes the BBC become the CCP’s propaganda tool and its mouthpiece and spokesman?

Any of the sensible and conscientious Chinese people has seen clearly that “Zhaoyuan Incident in Shandong Province” is the scheme plotted by the evil CCP to crack down on the Church of Almighty God and that its inferior tactic which is full of loopholes has become a laughingstock among millions of netizens. The evil CCP has committed all kinds of conscienceless evil deeds and is rejected and hated by people all over the world. This evil party has afflicted and tormented Chinese people for more than sixty years, and even more it tries every possible way to persecute Almighty God, who is incarnated to carry out the end-time work in China. However, God’s wisdom is based on satan’s schemes, and God has made a group of people in China. Now when God’s gospel is spreading to the West, the evil CCP attempts to use the influence of the western first-class media to defame the Church of Almighty God through the distorted report and hinder the spreading of God’s kingdom gospel. Unexpectedly, the BBC, a famous media with high popularity worldwide, actually beats the drum for the evil CCP, frames and persecutes the underground churches, and acts as its mouthpiece! As everyone knows, the Communist Party has long become utterly notorious in the whole world and has to step off the stage of history. Would the BBC support the evil CCP which is about to collapse even at the cost of being spurned by all people in the world?

Before publishing this report, why didn’t Carrie contact the Church of Almighty God based on professional ethnics of being serious and responsible and investigating the true fact, but blindly believed the one-sided statement of an evil party that has no credibility at all and is spurned by all Chinese people and even the world? Why did she arbitrarily slander the Church of Almighty God? Carrie’s rash action has violated the BBC’s values of being impartial, honest, and accurate and finding out the true fact. People cannot but ask: Is the BBC a media or a ruling party? It is worth thinking that this report was published after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang had visited Britain with “a big gift package” worth 14 billion pounds. It seems no accident.

However, I still want to ask the BBC: Don’t you fear that one day you will feel ashamed to face the public when the truth is brought to light? Do you sell out conscience and abandon the universal values temporarily driven by economic interests? Or do you stand on the side of the evil CCP temporarily under government pressure? Can you still report the truth of the fact according to the principles of impartiality and objectivity and accuracy and stop misleading the whole world?

The Church of Almighty God | Eying the Evil Party Through the CCP’s Dictatorship

Chang Kai

    Although the May 28 Zhaoyuan incident has passed, in retrospect, we once again see clearly the CCP’s evil substance from it. It’s exactly the biggest evil party and evil cult in the world!

    It’s well-known that China is an atheistic country. The CCP never acknowledges the existence of God or allows the coming of the true God, because the substance of the CCP’s nature is resisting and rebelling against God and being hostile to God. It brands all the Christianities including the Church of Almighty God as cults and brands the Bible as the cult’s book. It keeps instilling into people through the brainwashing way of education and media: Man evolved from the ape and wasn’t created by God. It even more puts forward a lot of heresies and fallacies, such as, “Heaven and earth isn’t greater than the Party’s grace,” “The Communist Party is Chinese people’s breadgiver,” “Knowledge can change one’s destiny,” “Man’s destiny is in his own hand,” “Let those who comply with me prosper and those who don’t perish,” “Everyone for himself, and the devil takes the hindmost,” and so on. In such a way, it lulls and erodes people’s thoughts and corrodes their spirit, so that they gradually accept its blinding and poisoning. For example, after the CCP came into power in 1949, Mao Zedong frenziedly “deified” himself by all kinds of means and became the people’s “messiah” as he wished, making all the people worship him crazily…. While wantonly preaching atheism, the CCP shamelessly shapes itself as “god” for people to worship and admire. All this is enough to reveal its wild ambition: turning China into a region without God, controlling the Chinese people under its power, and enslaving and trampling them forever. This fully proves that the CCP is an evil party and an evil cult through and through!

    When it comes to the evil cult, we certainly should know the orthodoxy first. We all know that the orthodoxy, namely, the true way, comes from the true God. Only the word God expresses is the truth and the truth is the reality of all positive things. When people act according to God’s word, there will be no barrier, hatred, jealousy, or strife among them, and they will treat each other fairly and love each other. It can be seen that the true way brings people light and leads them onto the right way of human life. In the end-time work, God expresses the truth of several millions of words for the purpose that people can be saved, pursue the truth, pursue to know God, and pursue to have their disposition transformed and that in the end they can live out the likeness of a real man. In other words, no one has or possesses the truth and even less has the power to overcome and break free from sin, so only with the help of the truth God expresses can one gradually break away from sin, get transformed in his disposition, live out the likeness of a real man, and in the end be saved by God. Obviously, what Almighty God brings to mankind is the right way of human life and also the bright pathway for people to be saved.

    On the contrary, the education of the evil party and the evil cult causes people to be more and more crooked and crafty, greedy, deceptive, malicious, selfish and base, arrogant and self-conceited, and self-right and self-important, making them become more and more darkened and fallen in their heart. We can have a complete discernment of this point according to all that the CCP evil party has brought to the people: During the over 60 years since the CCP was in power, it brings to the Chinese people darkness, emptiness, sufferings, and death. In the early years of the new nation, during the Agrarian Movement, millions of landlords lost their lives only in two years. During the Counter-Revolutionary Movement in the same period, another millions of people were killed. During the “Four Clean-ups” in the latter period, nearly 100,000 people met with violent deaths. The Great Leap Forward caused innumerous people to be starved to death in the wilds…. In modern times, during the June Fourth Incident in 1989, tens of thousands of innocent students who yearned for righteousness and demanded for democracy and freedom were crushed under the CCP’s tanks or shot by its machine guns. In a flash, blood flowed like a river on the Tiananmen Square…. I believe all of us still clearly remember other bloody big incidents such as the suppression of Falun Gong, the suppression of Tibetan independence, the action of stabilizing Xinjiang, and so on. In order to stabilize its dictatorship, the CCP killed countless people. Isn’t it an absolute evil cult? Moreover, through over 60 years of the CCP’s ideological education, today’s Chinese people have all become its successors. They are morally bankrupt and devoid of humanity and prioritize profit above all else. They only want to gain profits for themselves but don’t care about others’ life or death and can do anything against the conscience for profit. In recent years, China becomes a big power that counterfeits things. Ranging from unsafe food to jerry-built projects, fake and shoddy things emerge endlessly: the leaning building, the collapsing bridge, fake milk powder, fake egg, waste oil…. The Chinese’s thoughts are distorted and their hearts become abnormal, and they only struggle for “fame” and “profit.” They live like a walking corpse, not knowing what they live and die for but only struggling for profit all their life.

    The bloody facts tell people that the CCP is the root and origin of all evil and is the axis of the evil of the whole world! Because of this, it regards God and the truth as its irreconcilable enemies. In the over 20 years when Almighty God works, it always frenziedly fabricates rumors against, condemns, and slanders Almighty God and the Church of Almighty God, and crazily arrests and persecutes God’s chosen people. As a result, countless God’s chosen people are arrested and cruelly tortured and imprisoned in labor camps; more people cannot go back to their own home and become destitute and homeless in order to escape the CCP’s arrest…. It can be seen that the CCP is the embodiment of satan!

    Two thousand years ago, during the time the Lord Jesus did the work, the ruling party at that time hunted the Lord Jesus and the disciples who followed him by every possible means. Today, repeating the old tactics, the CCP wildly hunts and persecutes Almighty God and the chosen people who follow him. The facts are enough to prove that satan has been hostile to God from beginning to end. However, no matter how rampant and aggressive it is and no matter how evil and reactionary it is, God’s work is never hindered by any hostile force. It was so in the beginning and it is the same today. Nowadays, God has accomplished his end-time work in China, satan’s lair. His gospel has spread to every corner in Mainland China, so that tens of thousands of Chinese people have broken away from the CCP’s dark ruling and returned to Almighty God’s family one after another and are accepting God’s end-time salvation and perfection.

    “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.” The CCP’s rampancy and aggression predict the coming of its end. Now, the biggest evil party in the world is waiting for God’s final punishment for it! Just as Almighty God says, “Today God has again come to the world to do his work. The first place he does his work in is the aggregate of dictatorial rulers—China—the strong bastion of atheism. With his wisdom and by his power, he has conquered a group of people. During this period, he is hunted by China’s ruling party in every possible way and undergoes all kinds of sufferings, having no place to lay his head and having no place to stay. In spite of this, he is still doing the work he wants to do: speaking and uttering his voice and spreading the gospel. God’s almightiness cannot be fathomed by anyone. In China, a nation which regards God as its enemy, God has never stopped his work but instead has gained more people to accept his work and word, because God saves every one of mankind to the utmost. We all believe that the thing God will accomplish cannot be hindered by any nation or any force, and that those who obstruct God’s work, resist God’s word, and disturb and damage God’s plan will eventually be punished by God. If a man resists God’s work, God will cast this man into hell; if a nation resists God’s work, God will destroy this nation; if a race rises up to oppose God’s work, God will make this race disappear from the earth and no longer exist.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

The Evil Party Acts Against Heaven and Commits Monstrous Crimes

by Xin Ming

    The better part of a month has passed since the brutal “May 28” murder happened in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. During that period, the public didn’t see the report about the case being brought into the independent judicial procedure and under investigation. Instead, they saw an “unexpected” tendency: The next morning after the murder happened, Zhaoyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau publicized this case on Sina Microblog, obviously trying to evade the issue. After keeping “silent” for two days, the Bureau suddenly proclaimed that this case had been solved and the six men and women involved were all alleged as “cultists.” Immediately after that, the “Focus Interview” of CCTV reported the case on June 1, which was directed at the Church of Almighty God. Without going through the due judicial procedure, a brutal criminal homicide case ended up with the result that “the police have carried out the special action of cracking down on the cult, and the Ministry of Public Security even more states flatly that cult crimes must be cracked down cruelly,” and it was directly put forward by CCTV. The sensible ones can easily know that there must be something mysterious in it!

    ⅠCCTV’s Habitual Practice: Trample the Judiciary and Fool the Common People

    In fact, many meticulous people have already found a lot of flaws and inconsistencies in the case information publicized by the Zhaoyuan police and the official media. The voices of doubt rise one after another. Here the unnecessary details won’t be given. I only want to stress one point that there is no judicial expertise or legal basis in all the so-called “evidences” mentioned by CCTV in the interviews, yet the CCP tries to replace the due judicial procedure with these untenable interviews, which is openly trampling the judiciary and fooling the common people. To be frank, whether viewing from the jurisdiction independence or the CCP’s substance of habitually using the media to tell lies, we needn’t take the statement of the CCP media seriously!

    Judging from the video material from the witness, the suspect Zhang Lidong’s action of hitting the victim’s head violently with a steel mop shaft, which caused her to die on the spot, is willful killing, and this is a typical criminal case. According to the due judicial procedure, collecting and gaining the evidences is a very careful work, and the evidences must be verified before acting as the base of a verdict. All these should be done by public security organs, people’s procuratorates, and people’s courts, and they have nothing to do with the media. That is to say, as a medium or an administrative agency, CCTV simply has no qualification to get involved in the work of taking and verifying the evidences, and the news it reports can’t act as the evidences to judge this case.

    For example, in the “Focus Interview” broadcast on June 1, there was a scene of the journalist visiting Zhang Lidong’s house. In the scene, there wasn’t anyone from public security organs, people’s procuratorates, or people’s courts. Then, was the interview taken before the prosecutors entered the room and searched the evidences or after they did so? If it was taken before the prosecutors entered the room, wasn’t it easy for CCTV to damage the evidences and disturb judicial investigation by entering the suspect’s house without permission? If it was taken after the prosecutors entered the room, shouldn’t the “material evidence” like the so-called book concerning the Church of Almighty God have already been taken away by the prosecutors? How could it be left there? Was it used as a prop specially for the CCTV’s interview? In any case, even if this book was indeed found in Zhang’s house, it needed to be verified by the prosecutors that it did belong to Zhang Lidong and others before the book could be taken as a material evidence. However, CCTV induced the audiences to believe that Zhang Lidong is a believer in the Church of Almighty God with a book a journalist took in Zhang’s house without any witness of a third party on the spot. Isn’t the performance too poor? It belittles the audiences’ intelligence seriously. Similarly, all other so-called “evidences” in the “Focus Interview” lack the witness of a third party, such as the characters “murder,” “kill with maltreatment,” “kill beasts,” etc. found in Zhang’s house, the fragment of the CCTV’s interview with Zhang Lidong, or the short message an audience member sent to the journalist.

    In addition, it was unbelievable that when the CCTV journalist opened the book in Zhang’s house, he said repeatedly, “What it says is the doctrine of the cult, Almighty God.” Then, why didn’t he take such a good opportunity to read the doctrine in it? Even one or two sentences could make the audiences have discernment immediately. However, he “missed” the chance. Obviously, his evasiveness was intentional. In fact, the CCP knows at bottom that God’s word is the truth with authority, and once God’s word is read, its lies will fall off of themselves.

    It is known to all that in order to guarantee the social fairness and justice to the greatest extent, judiciary and administration in western democratic societies are completely independent yet mutually restricted. Under the CCP’s dictatorship, it can be seen everywhere that “power is greater than law” and that “the Party is above everything,” and the national laws exist only in name. More sadly, the CCP consistently rules the country with lies, deception, and violent suppression, so most of the common people are used to taking the voice uttered by the propaganda weapons of the Party and the government as the only judging standard. It is no wonder that some people naively take the “evidences” mentioned in the “Focus Interview” as facts and accept them.

    Ⅱ The CCP’s Habitual Tactic: Induce Public Opinion and Kill by Framing

    The CCP’s sinisterness and viciousness lie in that before each suppressing massacre, it uses the media to fabricate lies and induce public opinion and thus paves the way for the later suppressing massacre. Under the CCP’s rule, the media always pursue to safeguard the evil party’s absolute rule, and they even confound black and white and play the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief.” There are countless examples of killing by framing, and the media themselves are the greatest creator of lies.

    For example, the “June 4” Movement­­ in 1989 was actually a peaceful petition of combating corruption for public integrity and advocating democracy and freedom spontaneously organized by college students in Beijing, but the evil CCP feared that the lasting student movement might turn into a political disturbance, which could shake its power. In order to suppress the students admittedly, it had some soldiers disguise themselves as students to overturn the military vehicles and commit killings, and condemned the democratic movement as an “anti-revolutionary riot” by making use of CCTV to whip up public opinion. In the small hours of June 4th, the army carried out a large-scale bloody suppression on the defenseless masses in Tiananmen Square and near the Changan Street. According to the material the White House received later, that night more than 8,000 people died from being shot by the army or run over by tanks!

    The “Tiananmen Square Self-immolation Incident” in 2001 ran in the same groove. The CCP got several people to create an incident of Falun Gong practitioners’ self-immolation in Tiananmen Square, which was full of flaws. Someone who is meticulous even found in the live recording that a person with a camcorder package on his shoulder leisurely moved among the policemen who were busy putting out the fire. Moreover, that day CCTV acted contrarily to the way it usually behaved, reporting the incident in two hours. Then, with that excuse, the CCP suppressed, persecuted, and slaughtered Falun Gong practitioners….

    It is the same with the CCP’s means in treating Tibet. In order to rule Tibet for long, the CCP tries every possible way to destroy the traditional Tibetan culture and religion. It incurs Tibetans’ great indignation, and the protests increase. In order to eradicate its worry thoroughly and suppress Tibet with violence, the CCP instigated some ruffians to mix with the protesters to specially burn, kill, and rob. Then, it moved the army to slaughter Tibetans admittedly with the excuse of “suppressing the Tibet riot.”

    The CCP cooks up the Zhaoyuan case in the same way. Now, Almighty God has already made a group of overcomers in Mainland China, and the kingdom gospel is spreading overseas rapidly. The major western newspapers and websites have begun to publish Almighty God’s word one piece after another. At the same time, the testimony articles and videos concerning the Christians in the Church of Almighty God who have been cruelly persecuted by the CCP are widespread on the Internet. The CCP fears that it will be crusaded against and forsaken by people of various circles in the world after its evildoings are exposed. Thus, it can’t contain itself and again frames the Church of Almighty God. It tries to condemn and frame first and then suppress with violence, thus terminating God’s work thoroughly and fighting God to the death. It fully reveals that it is a group of devils that runs counter to right principles and kills bloodthirstily. Regrettably, it has miscalculated, because God’s words say, “We all believe that the thing God will accomplish cannot be hindered by any nation or any force, and that those who obstruct God’s work, resist God’s word, and disturb and damage God’s plan will eventually be punished by God.” We believe that God’s words will surely be accomplished. The CCP, this evil party, acts against Heaven and commits monstrous crimes. Its last day is near, and it will finally receive God’s righteous judgment and punishment. Let’s wait and see!

The Church of Almighty God | It Is Lawless for the CCP to Frame and Kill

It Is Lawless for the CCP to Frame and Kill

by Liu Liang

    On May 28th, a woman surnamed Wu was beaten to death alive by Zhang and five other people at a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. This outrageous tragedy shocked the world immediately. It aroused people’s strong anger and rapidly became everyone’s focus at the same time. However, the police of Zhaoyuan City didn’t publicize the case until three days after the case occurred and claimed that the suspects were members of the Church of Almighty God. A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples. Very soon, it raised many voices of doubt. People all criticized that the authorities distorted the fact and sheltered the criminals. In the face of the public doubt, the CCP gave no heed at all. Then, the authorities said that the local police had already carried out a “Special Action of Fighting against the Cult.” Immediately, condemning spread all over the Internet. The netizens all rebuked the CCP for diverting people’s attention by using the name of “cult” and absolving the criminals and their backing. The netizens posted 500,000 replies to comment on this incident, but unexpectedly most of them were soon deleted and only 70,000 replies were left. Some new replies were even deleted immediately after they were posted. Being disappointed and angry, the netizens even more expected to know the truth and see the evil men punished soon.

    The netizens’ comments are thought-provoking. Here are some of them:

    Comment One: It covers and diverts this shocking terrorist incident of severe violence created by the underworld gang with the excuse of the “cult.” Six people did it together. Why only publicizes the name of one of them? Why just calls him XX instead of mentioning his full name?

    Comment Two: This is really a brilliant move. Then, the protective umbrella in the police won’t be involved. The CCTV is exactly the accomplice, saying that he is a cultist without interrogation. Calling him a cultist is a good excuse to get rid of his guilt neatly. After putting a label of cult on the event, the local officials can finally be relieved. They cover the event to appease the public indignation and lead the public to divert the problem with the “cult” so that they can quash the incident.

    Ⅰ Dark Power-money Deals Hide behind the Zhaoyuan Incident

    The CCP tries its best to conceal the true identity of the criminal Zhang in the Zhangyuan incident and intentionally creates the false impression that Zhang is a cultist, is unemployed, and so on. Those sensible ones can easily know that the CCP is shielding the criminal and justifying his capital crime. After the “human flesh search,” the netizens found that the murderer Zhang is actually the owner of a gold mine in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, who is extremely rich, has an underworld background, and has officials as his strong shield.

    A lie is a lie. Even if told one thousand times, ten thousand times, or even numerous times, it is still a lie and can’t become the truth. The CCP is not clever in its telling lies in the Zhaoyuan incident. If one pays a little attention to the details, he will find it full of flaws. For example, when the CCP’s mouthpiece, the CCTV, reported the Zhaoyuan incident, it had a lot of flaws.

    First, while the journalist was interviewing the criminal Zhang, he was asked about what he lived on since he was unemployed. Touching his face unconsciously, Zhang said, “I live on the money I made by doing business before….” This inadvertent little gesture implied that he was telling a lie.

    Second, during the interview, the journalist was instructive while the criminal answered like reciting. Obviously they had colluded with each other!

    Third, in the brief short-distanced interview, the cuts switched frequently. Especially when the criminal answered, the cuts switched again and again. It was too suspicious!

    Fourth, a guard in the detention house actually put his hand on the criminal’s shoulder. This unconscious motion was evidently hinting the criminal, letting him set his mind at rest.

   In fact, there are far more flaws concerning the CCP’s telling lies in the Zhaoyuan incident. Here we needn’t point them out one by one. What is the most puerile and ridiculous is that the CCP wantonly reported and smeared the Church of Almighty God with the criminal’s confession, several books searched out in his place, a dog beaten to death, and a few characters on a board as evidence. Isn’t it too absurd? It can thus be seen that the laws constituted by the CCP exist in name only, are used to restrict the common people, and are even more the green channel opened for those who have money and power.

    The Chinese judiciary makes it clear that evidence should be taken seriously while confessions shouldn’t be easily believed. That is because most of the misjudged, false, and wrong cases are created as a result of being handled only through confessions. Why can’t confessions be easily believed during interrogation? Because in numerous judiciary cases, there are severe uncertainty and changeability as well as possibility of being deliberately manipulated in confessions.

    Firstly, because different people are in different physical condition, the confessions for the same incident have uncertainty. Due to the difference in men’s memory and the difference in their observation capability and expressive ability of describing the case, when asked later, they will give different confessions or even completely contradictory confessions concerning the same incident, which has been proved in many psychological tests. Especially when people have mental diseases or are delusional, their confessions will be more ridiculous. What is more important is that the confessions of the parties involved in the case will have more randomness when their profits are involved or they are under some social pressure. If confessions are easily believed, it will lead to a judgment that is totally different from the fact. Therefore, confessions must be based on material evidence. In another word, it’s a wrong way to handle the cases only relying on confessions.

    Secondly, when someone is asked about the same incident many times, confessions from him or her have changeability. There is no law stipulating which confession should be based on, and if you ask anyone about the same thing repeatedly, the answers will be different. Especially, as the social-political environment changes and time passes, the answer of the same person concerning the same incident will change. Therefore, during the interrogation, any confession can only act as the reference and clue to handle the cases and should never be taken as evidence.

    Thirdly, what is most serious is that confessions have controllability. Believing confessions easily makes possible the scheme of deliberately creating misjudged, false, and wrong cases. The parties involved in the case may collude with each other and make up seemingly perfect evidence chain of confession because of benefit connection, thus guiding the case astray and covering the true fact of the case. It is also possible that the parties involved in the case confess to the false charges under torture or may offer false confessions because of threat or temptation. Misjudged, false, and wrong cases are thus created deliberately. It is extremely dangerous to investigate or handle cases only relying on the evidence chain made up of confessions, which will throw the door open for creating misjudged, false, and wrong cases!

   Ⅱ The CCP Should Bear Full Responsibility for the Zhaoyuan Incident

   As for whether Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God, the official unilateral statement is untenable. Whether the criminal Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God must be confirmed by the Church of Almighty God in the local place. Judging from the journalist’s interview with Zhang, we can ascertain that Zhang isn’t a believer in the Church of Almighty God at all, because he claims himself to have believed in Almighty God for seven years, but he doesn’t know the aim of believing in God in the Church of Almighty God. He says something like leaving the earth and going up to heaven, which is even more nonsense! Leaving the earth and going up to heaven is a saying from other sects, and there isn’t such a saying in the Church of Almighty God at all. The Bible records that God created the heavens and the earth and all things and then created man. He placed man in the Garden of Eden and asked him to govern all things created by God. Man originally lives on earth, and there isn’t such a saying that man can leave the earth and go up to heaven.

    Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. Almighty God’s work is to supply man with the word, so that man can gain the truth and cast off corruptions and thus can be transformed in disposition and live out the likeness of a real man. Then, mankind will be brought into the beautiful destination, that is, living a good life on earth, without the damage of the evil power and with only God’s blessing and leading. Almighty God says, “The life in the rest will be a life in which there is no war, no filthiness, and no unrighteousness remaining, that is, there is no disturbance of satan (the hostile force), no corruption of satan, and no harassment of any force that is hostile to God, all things are after their kinds and worship the Creator, and the heavens and the earth are in peace. This will be mankind’s life in the rest.” (from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh)

    Moreover, it isn’t that anyone can be preached to and be accepted into the church. Instead, there are strict principles and standards in the Church of Almighty God: “Only those who truly believe in their heart that there is God and are willing to seek the true way and have good humanity can be preached to.” “Never preach to those who have a very bad humanity, who have a bad reputation, who can do anything bad, or who are wicked people.” In addition, the administrative decrees personally drawn up by God clearly stipulate, “Do not drag in any of your unbelieving relatives (such as your children, husband, wife, sisters, or parents). God’s family is not short of men and does not need useless men to make up the number. Do not bring into the church anyone who is not willing to believe. This article is directed at all people. You should restrain each other, oversee each other, and warn each other concerning this. No one shall offend it. Even if your unbelieving relatives reluctantly enter into the church, they shall not be given books or given a new name. Such ones are not men of God’s family. Prevent by all means all such ones from entering into the church.” According to Almighty God’s word and the principles of preaching the gospel in the Church of Almighty God, these evil men without humanity like Zhang are hated by God and are the kind who can’t be saved. Therefore, they can’t be the gospel friends of the Church of Almighty God at all, and the church won’t accept such evil men. The members of the Church of Almighty God preach the gospel strictly according to the principles, and such things as doing violence to others because the gospel is refused will never happen. In fact, as for this aspect, anyone with even a little intelligence knows: If you beat someone to death when preaching the gospel, who will accept the gospel? Can the gospel be preached in this way? Therefore, Zhang’s saying is completely a lie, which is greatly contrary to the true fact.

    The CCP judges that Zhang is a member of the Church of Almighty God just by several books found in his place and his confession. This judgment is untenable, because confessions can be fabricated and can be extorted by torture or gained through collusion. The CCP often does such things. It is simply too absurd to take the books concerning believing in God searched out in the criminal’s place as evidence. Aren’t there any other books in the criminal’s place? If there are books concerning Marxism-Leninism, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, and so on, should Marx, Lenin, and Mao Tse-tung also be interrogated? The CCP just puts labels on people!

    It’s reported that one woman is Zhang’s lover, and this even more proves that Zhang isn’t a member of the Church of Almighty God. The Bible has taught people that “You shall not commit adultery.” The Lord Jesus taught people that everyone who looks at a woman in order to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. God is holy and doesn’t tolerate filthiness. The administrative decrees of the Church of Almighty God also definitely stipulate, “Man has corrupt disposition and even more has emotions. So, in serving in coordination, two people of different sexes are forbidden to coordinate alone. If discovered, they shall be expelled, no matter who they are.” Obviously, no one will believe that Zhang is a believer in God, but someone may believe that he is a “fake monk.” In fact, it’s well-known that the CCP officials know best who have the most “lovers.” They say that they believe in Marxism Leninism, but actually they are corrupt, law-breaking, discipline-violating, and extremely licentious. Isn’t this directly related to their belief in Marxism Leninism? It’s self-evident.

    Without factual evidence, the CCP judges that Zhang and other people are members of the Church of Almighty God. This is completely the CCP’s one-sided wish and is even more its slander and smear against the Church of Almighty God. The CCP should bear full responsibility for framing the Church of Almighty God!

    Ⅲ The CCP Is Lawless; Its Rule, like a Rabbit’s Tail, Won’t Be Long

The “Zhaoyuan incident” is only one false case among the countless ones that the CCP fabricated. The CCP has no regard for God and is even more lawless, because the CCP itself is the law. Just as the CCP says, “I’m a monk under an umbrella, defying laws human and divine.” It has been proved by countless bitter facts.

    To this day, the Proletarian Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976 is still fresh in people’s memory, and history won’t forget it. The Cultural Revolution was started and led by Mao Tse-tung. He claimed it as “a great revolution which touched people’s soul and a deeper and broader new developing phase of our socialist revolution.” However, it proved to be an unprecedented great disaster, a big catastrophe in the Chinese history, rather than a “great revolution”! Even the CCP itself admitted later that it was the “civil strife that brought a serious disaster to the party, the country, and the people of all nationalities, making the party, the country, and the people suffer the most serious setback and loss since the foundation of the country.”

    It can be said that the “Cultural Revolution” is the darkest page in the Chinese history. During the “Cultural Revolution,” the CCP created millions of misjudged, false, and wrong cases. Many cadres, intellectuals, and masses were cruelly afflicted. Thousands of people ranging from the state president to common people were persecuted to death and suffered injustice. It’s hard to measure the loss that the catastrophe brought to the Chinese people. According to the speech that Ye Jianying made at the closing ceremony of the working conference of the CCP Central Committee on December 13th, 1978, 20 million people were killed, 100 million people were fixed, accounting for one ninth of the population in the country, and 800 billion yuan was wasted during the “Cultural Revolution.” Furthermore, the “Cultural Revolution” devastatingly damaged the fine traditional culture throughout thousands of years and brought people all kinds of negative influences such as spiritual affliction and harm and so on, which are hard to be dispelled for generations.

    Just as what the writer Qin Mu said with grief, “It was really an unprecedented catastrophe. Millions of people were in difficulty and distress, millions of people died with regret, so many families were broken, so many teenagers and children became hoodlums and gangsters, so many books were destroyed in the fire, so many famous historic and cultural sites were destroyed, so many tombs of the former sages were opened, and so many evils were done in the name of revolution….”

    The CCP’s evildoings are too numerous to record! Ruled by the CCP, the nation has no freedom, and the people have no human rights and are plunged into an abyss of misery. The CCP condemns this one or that one as a cult, but actually it is the biggest cult, because its founder Marx wasn’t an atheist but a believer in Satanism. Marx said in the beginning of The Communist Manifesto, “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism.” Marx skillfully used satan’s method of lies and deception, falsely claiming himself to be an atheist. The CCP’s evil is graver, and it is far more evil than its forefather Marx. The CCP does all kinds of evil to such an extent that it incurs the indignation of both men and God, and it can be seen clearly that the CCP’s rule, like a rabbit’s tail, won’t be long.

    The international communism has fallen apart. For example, Petrenko, the minister of justice of Ukraine, recently said that the Communist Party will be tried in public. Moreover, Turchynov, Ukraine’s interim President, has given an administrative order to the ministry of justice, requiring it to immediately investigate all the illegal and unconstitutional activities of the Communist Party in Ukraine. Kasenko, a member of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance, said that the Communist Party must be swept into the garbage heap! Ukraine’s abolishing the Communist Party has received support from the Ukrainian people.

    Du Yangming, a democrat in Shanghai, said, “The Communist Party’s almost one hundred years of performance history in the world proves that bloodiness, dictatorship, and violence have been synonymous with it. Their acts are much worse than those of Hitler and Fascism. All the areas and countries controlled by the Communist Party not only pose a threat and terror to the world, but also terrorize their own people. The major feature of all the Communist powers, whether it is Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge, Lenin and Stalin of the former Soviet Union, or Mao Zedong of China, is that they terrorize and mercilessly slaughter their own people. Obama’s statement that ‘Communism is fascism’ can be the summary of everything.”

    Facts prove that the CCP is the biggest cult and the biggest violent group. Its evildoings are too numerous to record. Its words of slandering and framing the Church of Almighty God are even more countless! The Church of Almighty God has never done anything of violating the law, much less done anything like gouging someone’s eyes or cutting off someone’s nose and ears as what the outside rumors say. The CCP has smeared and slandered the Church of Almighty God for so many years, but it has never found any factual evidence and it can’t show any living example to prove them till now. The CCP makes up lies and fabricates rumors, yet it never feels ashamed. The fact that the CCP opposes the true God in every aspect completely reveals that it’s exactly God’s foe, satan the devil! Being hostile to God and guilty of the most heinous crimes, the CCP can’t escape God’s righteous punishment in the end! This is because Almighty God says, “…the thing God will accomplish cannot be hindered by any nation or any force, and that those who obstruct God’s work, resist God’s word, and disturb and damage God’s plan will eventually be punished by God. If a man resists God’s work, God will cast this man into hell; if a nation resists God’s work, God will destroy this nation; if a race rises up to oppose God’s work, God will make this race disappear from the earth and no longer exist.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)