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The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “Hardships and Dangers Produced in Me a Refined True Love”

Her name is Liang Yu. She is a godly Christian. She believed in Jesus in 1994 and accepted Almighty God’s end-time work in 1995. It has been nearly twenty years so far. During the period, she was hunted and persecuted by the CCP government for over ten years because of believing in God. As a result, she couldn’t go home and lost the normal church life, suffering unspeakably from the inner torment….
In early 1996, on her way to another place for a meeting, she was shadowed by the police yet narrowly escaped the arrest. In May of that year, the police searched her house and interrogated her. After that, she lost contact with the church and spent days in anguish. In August, 2002, she and her whole family had to move to another place and began their wandering life due to the CCP government’s hunting. In March, 2003, she was arrested by the CCP and was interrogated for seven days and nights. Then, she was forcibly sentenced to two years of hard labor. In June, 2008, she was once again arrested by the CCP and was illegally imprisoned for ten months. After her release, she was under surveillance till now. During over ten years of tribulation and persecution, she was cruelly tortured physically and mentally and hated the group of devils bitterly from her heart. In the tribulations, God was with her all the time, continuously guided and encouraged her with His word, and gave her faith and wisdom. Thus, she counterattacked the devils’ schemes with her faithfulness and overcame the dark force!

Best Way | Gospel Movie “Break Through the Snare”

Two thousand years ago, when the Lord Jesus did the redemptive work, He suffered the wild slander and condemnation of the Jewish religious world, and was nailed to the cross by the Jewish leaders and the Roman government. In the last days, when Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus comes to China and does the work of judgment, He again suffers the condemnation, suppression, and persecution of the CCP government and the religious world. The widespread rumors, which judge and slander the Church of Almighty God, are like an invisible snare, covering and controlling numerous believers. The tragedy of history repeats itself…
The protagonist of this movie is one of those numerous believers. Faced with Almighty God’s gospel of the last days, she was deceived and bound by the rumors of the CCP government and the religious leaders, lost in confusion… After several intense debates, she understood the truth from Almighty God’s words, and finally saw the true fact behind the rumors. She broke through the snare and beheld the appearance of the true God…

God’s Love Never Fails | Short Film “A New Life Out of Tortures”

Li Yan was a leader of the Church of Almighty God. Once on her way to a meeting, she was arrested by the CCP government without reason and was cruelly tortured by the devils. When they found her pregnant through the examination, without her knowing it, the CCP lackeys made her abort with drugs, such a sinister means. In order to cover the crime, they even savagely gave her injections causing “dementia.” And they forced her to take the pills causing schizophrenia for five months, in an attempt to make her demented and lose memory. Li Yan was damaged and fell into a trance, and gradually she had hallucinations and a stupor…. Overwhelmed with distress, she was in despair and tried to commit suicide many times. However, Almighty God inspired and guided her with words time after time, and also let the sisters in jail help her. Thus, gradually she got back to a normal mentality…. Almighty God especially kept and led her in the devil’s dark den, so that she stood tenaciously in the tortures of the devils, walked out of the valley of the shadow of death step by step, and saw the light again. …

The Expression of God “God Himself, the Unique (II) God’s Righteous Disposition” (Part Five)

God’s words in this video are from the book “A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh.”
The content of this video:
(3) Five Types of People
The first type is known as the “infant in swaddling clothes” stage.
The second type is that of the “suckling infant” stage.
The third type is the stage of the weaning infant—the stage of the young child.
The fourth type is the stage of the maturing child; that is, childhood.
The fifth type is the stage of mature life, or the adult stage.

The Hymn of God’s Word “People Have No Knowledge of God’s Work”

People Have No Knowledge of God’s Work

1. People do not in the least believe in God’s existence, nor do they welcome His arrival. “Mankind” only begrudgingly responds to God’s requests, temporarily agrees with them, and does not sincerely share in life’s joys and sorrows with Him. As people see God as inscrutable, they begrudgingly pretend to smile at Him, betraying their manner of coddling up to power. This is because people have no knowledge of, have no knowledge of God’s work, much less of His, His intention today, today.

2. God will be honest with all of you— when the day comes, the suffering of anyone who worships Him will be easier to bear than yours. The degree of your faith in God does not, in actuality, exceed that of Job— and even the faith of the Jewish Pharisees surpasses yours— so in the impending days of fire, you will suffer more seriously than the Pharisees, than the Pharisees when rebuked by Jesus, more seriously than the 250 leaders that had resisted Moses, and more seriously than Sodom under the scorching flames of its destruction.

from “What a Real ‘Man’ Means” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Man’s True Condition of Being Corrupted by Satan

Man’s True Condition of Being Corrupted by Satan

1. For so many years, the thought man lives by has corrupted man’s heart, man’s heart. So man becomes crafty, cowardly, and base. Man has no perseverance or resolution, and is greedy and frail and willful. He does not have the will to transcend himself at all, much less have any courage to break away from the bondage of the influence of darkness.

2. Man has a depraved mind and leads a depraved life. Man’s viewpoint of believing in God is still awful, and it is even intolerable to the ear, intolerable to the ear once it is spoken of. All men are cowardly, powerless, base, and fragile. They do not feel loathing for the force of darkness, and do not love the light and the truth, but they do their possible to drive them out.

from “Why Are You Not Willing to Be a Setoff?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh