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Finding the True Way | Short Film “A Choice Without Regret”

Her parents divorced when she was at an early age. Growing up in a broken family and depending on others for living, she felt lonely and helpless. Misfortunes coming upon her one after another, which were big blows to her heart, made her feel the cruelty and desolation of the world. She was confused and frightened about her future. She set her mind on getting into Tsinghua University and use knowledge to change her destiny. … When Almighty God’s salvation came upon her, her life was completely changed. She found her real family, and found the most meaningful and valuable life. So, already admitted by Tsinghua University, she determinedly gave up the opportunity to attend the university, and devoted herself to the work of preaching the kingdom gospel….

Salvation Meaning | Hymn “Changes in Disposition Are Inseparable from the Holy Spirit’s Work”

Changes in Disposition Are Inseparable from the Holy Spirit’s Work

1. Whether a person genuinely pursues does not depend on what others say about him or how others look at him. Rather, it depends on whether he has the working of the Holy Spirit, depends on whether he has the presence of the Holy Spirit, and depends even more on whether he has some transformation in his disposition and has some knowledge of God, has some knowledge of God after the Holy Spirit works on him for a period of time.

2. If one has the working of the Holy Spirit, his disposition will be gradually transformed and his knowledge, knowledge about the viewpoint of believing in God will become purer and purer. No matter how long a person has followed, as long as he has transformation, it means that he has the working of the Holy Spirit; if he has no transformation, it means that he has no, has no working of the Holy Spirit.

3. Even if such a person does service, he is driven by his intent of receiving blessings. Doing service occasionally cannot be a substitute for, be a substitute for the transformation of his disposition, and in the end he will still be one to perish. This is because in the kingdom, there is no need of service-doers and no need for anyone whose disposition is not transformed to wait upon the perfected ones who are faithful to God.

from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Life Transformation | Short Film “A Prodigal Son Steps onto the Bright Way”

Since young, he was good for nothing. Influenced by satanic poisons like “carpe diem, for life is short,” and “enjoy wine and songs while we can, for life is short,” he thought that the meaning of life was self-indulgence and pleasure-seeking. So he indulged himself in extravagant eating, drinking, and merrymaking in gambling houses, bars, and KTV centers. He was so degenerated and lost as to lose his direction. His parents were unable to save him, and he himself also couldn’t get free from the decadent and rotten life. …