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Faith-Hope-Love | Xiaozhen’s Story | Musical Drama

Xiaozhen was a simple, kind-hearted Christian. She treated all her friends with a sincere heart. However, faced with interests, her good old friends turned into enemies. After the tragic encounter, Xiaozhen was forced to abandon her sincere heart and the principle of conducting herself. She betrayed her conscience and soul and associated with the evil world. … Day by day, she became more and more fallen. Trampled by this evil world, she was badly hurt. Just when she came to a dead end and sank into utter despair, the sincere calling of Almighty God finally awakened her heart and spirit….

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The Church of Almighty God | Birth: The First Juncture

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Birth: The First Juncture

Where a person is born, what family he or she is born into, one’s gender, appearance, and time of birth: these are the details of the first juncture of a person’s life.

No one has any choice about these parts in this juncture; they are all predestined long in advance by the Creator. They are not influenced by the external environment in any way, and no manmade factors can change these facts that the Creator has predetermined. For a person to be born means that the Creator has already fulfilled the first step of the fate He has arranged for that person. Because He has predetermined all of these details long in advance, no one has the power to alter any of them. Regardless of a person’s subsequent fate, the conditions of one’s birth are predestined, and remain as they are; they are not in any way influenced by one’s fate in life, nor do they in any way affect the Creator’s sovereignty over it.


Growing Up: The Second Juncture

Since the conditions under which a person grows up are predetermined long in advance, the environment in which one lives during this process is also, naturally, predetermined. It is not decided by a person’s choices and preferences, but is decided according to the Creator’s plans, determined by the Creator’s careful arrangements, by the Creator’s sovereignty over a person’s fate in life. So the people that any person encounters in the course of growing up, and the things one comes into contact with, are all inevitably connected with the orchestration and arrangement of the Creator. People cannot foresee these kinds of complex interrelationships, nor can they control them or fathom them. Many different things and many different people have a bearing on the environment in which a person grows up, and no human being is capable of arranging and orchestrating such a vast chain of connections. No person or thing except for the Creator can control the appearance, presence, and disappearance of all the various people, events, and things, and it is just such vast chains of connections that shape a person’s development as predestined by the Creator, form the various environments in which people grow up, and create the various roles necessary for the Creator’s work of management, laying solid, strong foundations for people to successfully fulfill their missions.

from God Himself, the Unique (III)
in A Continuation of the Word Appears in the Flesh—The Way to Know God I

Almighty God’s word “Do Not Have Any Misgivings About God’s Trial”

After God tried Job and received the testimony from Job, he determined to gain a group of people or more people like Job. But he decided never again to allow satan to attack and afflict other people in the way of making a wager with God and thus tempting, attacking, and afflicting Job. God does not allow satan to do the same things on the weak, ignorant, and foolish men. The temptation upon Job is already enough. God does not allow satan to afflict men at will, and this is God’s mercy to men. In God’s eyes, it is enough that Job alone underwent satan’s temptation and affliction. God does not allow satan to do such things again, because the lives of those who follow God and their everything are in God’s sovereignty and manipulation and satan has no right to manipulate God’s chosen people at will. You should be clear about this. God is mindful of men’s weakness and knows their foolishness and ignorance. Although he has to deliver men to satan in order that they can be thoroughly saved, he does not want to see them always be fooled and afflicted by satan or see them always suffer. Men were created by God. It is perfectly justifiable for God to rule over and arrange men’s everything, and it is God’s responsibility and God’s authority of ruling over all things. God does not allow satan to afflict and mistreat men at will, nor does he allow it to induce men by all kinds of means, much less allow it to step in God’s sovereignty over mankind or tread and damage the laws by which God rules over all things. How much more so with such a great work that God manages and saves mankind! Those whom God wants to save and who can bear testimony for God are the kernel and crystallization of God’s work of the six-thousand-year management plan and are God’s painstaking effort and price in his six-thousand-year work. How could God deliver these people to satan lightly?

from God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (2)
in A Continuation of the Word Appears in the Flesh—The Way to Know God I