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Fulfillment of Faith | Short Film “Follow God to the End and Walk the Glorious Way”

To build a happy home, Li Ye and her husband worked very hard. However, her husband had a serious traffic accident was not able to work any more. Her children were fallen due to the influence of the evil trend…. Just when she was in desperation, Almighty God stretched out his hand of salvation to her—her family were selected by God. Since then, her husband was in much better health than before, and her children mended their ways. Her family lived a happy life under God’s leading, and performed the duty of keeping the church offerings. Unexpectedly, he was cruelly tortured by the CCP government because of this. In order to get the church offerings, the frenzied cops not only searched her house and robbed her of her savings of 120,000 yuan, but also threatened, intimidated, and cruelly tortured her. Even after they released her, they still monitored and restricted her for a long time. … Facing the various kinds of blows and pains, she was once weak. However, Almighty God’s words kept comforting and leading her, making her see through the atrocious and malicious substance of satan, and know the greatness and goodness of God, so that she stood tenaciously relying on God’s word, and had more faith to follow God and walk the glorious way!

God’s Love Never Fails | Short Film “God’s Love Accompanied Me Through the Way of Tribulation”

Her husband and her were fortunately selected by Almighty God, and enjoyed the supply and watering of God’s word in God’s family. They were immersed in the happiness of reuniting with God. However, good time didn’t last long. Because of believing in God, they were wanted and hunted by the police and had to left their hometown and fled everywhere. … In the early spring of 2009, she was arrested by the police. They stripped her naked in public to humiliate her and poured cold water on her. When she was deprived of everything, having no clothes to wear and no money to buy food, Almighty God raised up a sister to supply and help her. In order to force her to betray the church, the CCP lackeys handcuffed and hung her up for several days and nights, threatened and induced her, at sentenced her to one and a half years of hard labor at last. … In the devil’s affliction, she was once weak and disobedient, however, God’s word constantly inspired her and led her, so that she understood God’s thoughtful kind intention of saving man, saw through the devilish substance of the CCP government, and went through the dark and long prison life accompanied by God’s love. …