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Short Film “Growth in the Persecution and Tribulation”

He is Yi Li, an ordinary Christian of the Church of Almighty God. On October 21th, 2004, he was arrested in a house meeting by some cops who broke in. In the interrogation, seeing that the soft tactics failed, the evil cops flew into a rage. They grabbed a bamboo rod and struck his feet and knees fiercely…. In adversity, Almighty God’s word gave him faith and strength, so that he had a will to never betray God even unto death. Later, he was sentenced to one year of hard labor by the CCP devils. The prison was like a hell on earth. Nevertheless, led by God’s love, he not only didn’t withdraw but instead had a firmer faith. He saw through the CCP government’s evil substance and determined to follow God and walk on the glorious human path. However, one day in 2012 when he was preaching the gospel, he was again arrested by the CCP devil. With his previous experience of persecution and God’s leading, he testified the only true God fearlessly before the evil cops, rendering them speechless….

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.

Why the CCP Crazily Suppresses and Cruelly Persecutes the Church of Almighty God

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The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “Hardships and Dangers Produced in Me a Refined True Love”

Her name is Liang Yu. She is a godly Christian. She believed in Jesus in 1994 and accepted Almighty God’s end-time work in 1995. It has been nearly twenty years so far. During the period, she was hunted and persecuted by the CCP government for over ten years because of believing in God. As a result, she couldn’t go home and lost the normal church life, suffering unspeakably from the inner torment….
In early 1996, on her way to another place for a meeting, she was shadowed by the police yet narrowly escaped the arrest. In May of that year, the police searched her house and interrogated her. After that, she lost contact with the church and spent days in anguish. In August, 2002, she and her whole family had to move to another place and began their wandering life due to the CCP government’s hunting. In March, 2003, she was arrested by the CCP and was interrogated for seven days and nights. Then, she was forcibly sentenced to two years of hard labor. In June, 2008, she was once again arrested by the CCP and was illegally imprisoned for ten months. After her release, she was under surveillance till now. During over ten years of tribulation and persecution, she was cruelly tortured physically and mentally and hated the group of devils bitterly from her heart. In the tribulations, God was with her all the time, continuously guided and encouraged her with His word, and gave her faith and wisdom. Thus, she counterattacked the devils’ schemes with her faithfulness and overcame the dark force!