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The Way | Hymn of God’s Word “Key to the Belief in God Is Being Able to Put the Truth into Practice”

Key to the Belief in God Is Being Able to Put the Truth into Practice

1. Today, there are so many who do not understand the truth, who cannot distinguish between good and evil or tell what to love or hate. Such people can hardly stand firm. If, if, in the pursuit of God, man does not have, does not have his own position to stand by, and does not know what truth he should hold to, then he will have no foundation, and so it will not be easy for him to stand firm.

2. Key to the belief in God is being able to put the truth into practice, care for God’s will, know God’s work on man when He comes in the flesh and the principles by which He speaks; do not follow the masses, and that which you should enter into must have principles, and must be held to, be held to. Holding firm to those things within you enlightened by God is of help to you, is of help to you. If you do not, today you will veer one way, tomorrow you will veer the other, and you will never gain anything real. To be like this is of no benefit to your life, is of no benefit to your life.

from “Only Those Who Know God and His Work Can Satisfy God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh