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Guidance of God | Short Film “Who Is the Real Architect of Human Souls”


She is a teacher in a high school. Under the influence of the value “A high degree of education means a good job, and a good job means a bright future,” and in the educational atmosphere of taking the “scores, rank, and college admission rate” as standards, in order to take off the label of “the last” in teaching results, she imitated other teachers and used high-handed means of “scolding, pressing, suppressing” to the students. But the results were not what she had expected.
Seeing the social conduct that “When those above behave unworthily, those below will do the same,” and that the students’ moral standards were declining and their conscious and humanity were missing, she felt the confusion and puzzlement that she had never experienced before. At that time, Almighty God’s word came upon her and showed her the direction. When she acted according to God’s word, she received unexpected effects…. Finally, she realized that only by accepting the leading of God’s word, can men have the way to go forward; and that only the truth expressed by God can change men and save men. …