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The Judgment in the Last Days Has Begun | “Almighty God Has Been Seated on the Glorious Throne”

Almighty God Has Been Seated on the Glorious Throne

Ha ha ha ha … ha …
The victorious King has been seated on the glorious throne.
He has accomplished redemption, leading all His people to appear in glory.
All things are in His hand. By divine wisdom and power,
He has built and fortified Zion, has built and fortified Zion.
By majesty, He judges this evil world,
and judges all nations and all peoples, the earth and the sea and the living things in them,
as well as those who are drunk with the wine of licentiousness.
Upon them God will carry out His judgment.

God will get angry with them, reveal His majesty,
and judge them right away, without any delay.
The fire of His wrath will consume their mortal sins,
consume their mortal sins. Disasters will come upon them at any moment,
and they will find it hard to escape and take refuge; weeping and gnashing their teeth, they bring destruction upon themselves.
They will find it hard to escape and take refuge; weeping and gnashing their teeth, they bring destruction upon themselves.
The overcomers, the beloved sons of God, will remain in Zion.
They will never get out of there, they will never get out of there.
The only true God has appeared (God has appeared)!
The end of the world (the end of the world) has been revealed before us.
The judgment in the last days has begun.
All peoples hear God’s voice and pay attention to His actions.
The voice of praising will never cease, will never cease.
All peoples hear God’s voice and pay attention to His actions.
The voice of praising will never cease, will never cease.
The voice of praising will never cease, will never cease.

from “The Third Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—Almighty God, Christ of the last days in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.

Miracle in Disaster | Gospel Video “God Bless”

People often say, “Storms gather without warning and misfortune befalls men overnight.” Today when the science and technology, transportation, and material life develop fast, people find that the disasters around seem to increase with each passing day. When we read the newspaper or watch TV, what leaps to our eyes mostly are serious or extremely serious natural or man-made disasters, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, social unrests, civil riots, and so on. These disasters happen frequently and their grades also continuously increase. What is left to the places attacked by the disasters is nothing but pain, blood, injury, and death. … These misfortunes happening around us at every moment highlight the transiency and fragility of life. We are unable to predict what disasters we will encounter in future, much less know where to go and what to do in disasters and what mankind should do to change their destiny of being destroyed. However, this issue cannot be avoided by anyone. In the following program, you will find the answer and find the only way by which you can be kept by God and come out from the disasters and be left.…

Almightiness of God’s Word – “During the Last Days, God Principally Uses the Word to Accomplish All”

Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has expressed a variety of truths. He leads the whole of mankind with the word, which accomplishes the actual significance of the Word appearing in the flesh. From Almighty God’s word, people come to know God’s work, God’s disposition, and what God has and is, see God’s supremacy, wisdom, and almightiness, and also understand God’s kind intention for man’s salvation. … In the end, God’s word will show authority and let all people see that “God is as good as His word, and His word shall be accomplished, and that which is accomplished lasts forever,” and that God’s word accomplishes everything!

Praise and Worship the Practical God | Gospel Music “Chinese Choir Episode 15” https://goo.gl/MjA42y
Seek the True Way | Gospel Movie “From the Throne Flows the Water of Life” https://goo.gl/zkT9Vl
Find the Source | Gospel Movie “Who Is He That Has Returned” https://goo.gl/yGsDOW
Faith-Hope-Love | Musical Drama “Xiaozhen’s Story” https://goo.gl/4XGgNJ

The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “Hardships and Dangers Produced in Me a Refined True Love”

Her name is Liang Yu. She is a godly Christian. She believed in Jesus in 1994 and accepted Almighty God’s end-time work in 1995. It has been nearly twenty years so far. During the period, she was hunted and persecuted by the CCP government for over ten years because of believing in God. As a result, she couldn’t go home and lost the normal church life, suffering unspeakably from the inner torment….
In early 1996, on her way to another place for a meeting, she was shadowed by the police yet narrowly escaped the arrest. In May of that year, the police searched her house and interrogated her. After that, she lost contact with the church and spent days in anguish. In August, 2002, she and her whole family had to move to another place and began their wandering life due to the CCP government’s hunting. In March, 2003, she was arrested by the CCP and was interrogated for seven days and nights. Then, she was forcibly sentenced to two years of hard labor. In June, 2008, she was once again arrested by the CCP and was illegally imprisoned for ten months. After her release, she was under surveillance till now. During over ten years of tribulation and persecution, she was cruelly tortured physically and mentally and hated the group of devils bitterly from her heart. In the tribulations, God was with her all the time, continuously guided and encouraged her with His word, and gave her faith and wisdom. Thus, she counterattacked the devils’ schemes with her faithfulness and overcame the dark force!

Fulfillment of Faith | Short Film “Follow God to the End and Walk the Glorious Way”

To build a happy home, Li Ye and her husband worked very hard. However, her husband had a serious traffic accident was not able to work any more. Her children were fallen due to the influence of the evil trend…. Just when she was in desperation, Almighty God stretched out his hand of salvation to her—her family were selected by God. Since then, her husband was in much better health than before, and her children mended their ways. Her family lived a happy life under God’s leading, and performed the duty of keeping the church offerings. Unexpectedly, he was cruelly tortured by the CCP government because of this. In order to get the church offerings, the frenzied cops not only searched her house and robbed her of her savings of 120,000 yuan, but also threatened, intimidated, and cruelly tortured her. Even after they released her, they still monitored and restricted her for a long time. … Facing the various kinds of blows and pains, she was once weak. However, Almighty God’s words kept comforting and leading her, making her see through the atrocious and malicious substance of satan, and know the greatness and goodness of God, so that she stood tenaciously relying on God’s word, and had more faith to follow God and walk the glorious way!

The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “God Does Not Have the Heart to Let Me Fall into Hades”

Born in a Christian family, he has longed for light and goodness since childhood. Working so hard and striving to be strong, he was promoted from an ordinary policeman to Chief of the Public Security Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. However, in this dark and evil society, he was drawn into the abyss of sin and gradually became cold-blooded and ruthless and became a puppet and accomplice of the evil power. Almighty God’s salvation knocked at his heart one time after another, and finally he was conquered by the word of Almighty God and walked out of the dark hell on earth step by step. It is Almighty God’s word that awakened his numb heart. From then on, he walked onto the right way of human life.

Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Utterance “The Twenty-seventh Utterance in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”


Salvation Meaning | Hymn “How Far Are Man’s Deed and Thought from God’s Requirement”

How Far Are Man’s Deed and Thought from God’s Requirement

1. No matter what you think, what God wants to say and what God wants to do are to achieve the result on you that you will better understand, understand God’s will and better understand what God is thinking, what God wants to accomplish, what kind of person God likes, what God loathes, what God hates, what kind of person God wants to gain, and what kind of person is the object of God’s detestation and rejection, detestation and rejection and that you will know clearly and distinctly how far what every one of you does and thinks is from the standard required by God, is from the standard required by God.

2. For God knows that these things are what you lack the most, who have believed for so long and heard so many messages. Although you have written down all the truths in your notebooks and borne in mind and heart the things you regard as very important, and intend to bring them out at the time you need to practice them, so as to satisfy God by them, meet your emergency needs by them, help yourselves go through each of your present difficulties by them, or let them accompany your life.

3. No matter what you do, if you are only doing it, this is not very important. What is very important? It is that when you are doing it, you should know very clearly, very clearly whether what you are doing and what you are practicing are what God wants, and whether your deed, your thought, and your desired result and desired goal satisfy God’s heart’s desire, meet God’s requirement, and are approved by God. These are very important.

from “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve” in A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

Voice of Calling from God | Official Trailer “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit”

Cho Yeonghan was a pastor of a church in Korea. He was zealous in serving the Lord for decades and earned great respect from the believers. In recent years, the church became desolate day by day. More and more evils emerged, and even he himself was often afflicted by sin. Thus, he felt extremely miserable and confused…. After much consideration, he gave up his post as a pastor and left his denomination to seek the true way that could free him from sin. He visited several other denominations, but their desolation and degeneration brought him into severer loss and helplessness. Earnestly, he prayed, “O Lord! Where are you? …” Out of surprise, when investigating the word of Almighty God, he found that the Lord Jesus has come back and He is Almighty God, the last Christ.

Full movie: http://www.holyspiritspeaks.org/videos/seek-first-the-kingdom-of-god-gospel-film-blessed-are-the-poor-in-spirit/

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

 More: http://www.findshepherd.com/portfolio-type/testimonies

The Church of Almighty God | God was the dear one of every man who followed him

God loves man, The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning, Almighty God

The Lord Jesus also wanted man to know that living in this world man was not isolated, man had God’s concern and God’s presence, God was man’s permanent support, God was the dear one of every man who followed him, with him as the support man would no longer be alone and no longer be helpless, and those who accepted him as the sin offering would no longer be bound by sin.

God loves man, The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning, Almighty God

In God’s heart, the mankind he aims to manage and save is most important, and he considers such a mankind to be more important than anything else. Although he has paid a lot of price for such a mankind and although he has been constantly hurt and rebelled against by such a mankind, he has no complaint or regret and never leaves or forsakes man, but keeps doing his work without stopping, for he knows that one day sooner or later man will be awoken by the calling of his word, will be moved by his word, and will recognize that he is the Creator, thereby returning to him. …

from God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (3)
in A Continuation of the Word Appears in the Flesh—The Way to Know God I