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God’s Word “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve” (Part Two)

God’s words in this video are from the book “A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh.”
The content of this video:
Walk in God’s Ways: Fear God and Shun Evil
God Tests by Various Trials Whether Men Fear God and Shun Evil
Not Fearing God and Shunning Evil Is Standing in Opposition to God

Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Word “The Twenty-ninth Piece of Word in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”

Almighty God’s Word “The Twenty-eighth Piece of Word in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”

Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Utterance “The Twenty-seventh Utterance in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe”


Voice of God | Hymn of God’s Word “Are You One in the Stream of the Holy Spirit”

Are You One in the Stream of the Holy Spirit

1. If you cannot keep up with the present light, your relationship with God will become distant or even be cut off, and thus you will not have, will not have a normal spiritual living. A normal relationship with God is built upon accepting God’s present word. Do you have a normal spiritual living? Do you have a normal relationship with God? Are you one who keeps up with the working of the Holy Spirit?

2. Those who can keep up with the present light of the Holy Spirit, touch God’s will in God’s word, and enter into, enter into God’s word are ones who keep up with the stream of the Holy Spirit. If you fail to keep up with the stream of the Holy Spirit, you are surely a person who does not pursue the truth. The Holy Spirit has no opportunity to work, work on a person who has no desire to strive forward. So his zeal can never be stirred up and he is always passive.

3. Now, are you keeping up with the stream of the Holy Spirit? Are you in the stream of the Holy Spirit? Have you come out of your passive state, your passive state? All those who believe in, believe in God’s word, have God’s work as their foundation, and keep up with the present light of the Holy Spirit are the ones in the stream of the Holy Spirit. If you believe that God’s word is absolutely true and believe whatever God says, you are a person who pursues to enter into, pursues to enter into God’s work. In this way, you will satisfy God’s heart’s desire.

from “Know God’s Newest Work and Follow God’s Pace” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

More: http://www.findshepherd.com/portfolio-type/hymns

Eastern Lightning | God’s Disposition Is Righteous and Holy


God Bestows His Mercy Abundantly on Those He Cares for and Casts out His Anger Fiercely Against Those He Detests and Rejects

from The Way to Know God I


The sin of blaspheming and slandering God can not be forgiven in this age or in the age to come and he who commits it can never be reincarnated, which means that God’s disposition does not tolerate man’s offense.

from Christ’s Talks with Church Leaders and Workers

anger, The Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning, Almighty God

The End-time People Only See God’s Anger in God’s Word and Have Not Truly Tasted It

from The Way to Know God I

The Church of Almighty God | Job Once Again Received God’s Blessing and Would No Longer Be Accused by Satan

The word of Jehovah God mentions that “you have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job has.” What did Job say? That was the words we have mentioned above, and the many words of Job recorded in the Book of Job. In all these many words, he did not have any complaints or suspicions about God but was just waiting for a result. His waiting was his obedient attitude. Due to his attitude and due to what he said to God, God accepted him. When he was tried and suffered, God was just by his side. Although his pain was not appeased in the least on that account, God saw what he wanted to see and heard what he wanted to hear. Every scene of what Job did and every word he said reached God’s eyes and ears, and God heard it and saw it. This was a fact. Actually, Job’s knowledge of God and his view of God in his heart at that time, in that age, were not as specific as those of people now. But according to the background at that time, God still approved what Job said, because his thoughts and actions and what he manifested and expressed already measured up to God’s requirement. During the time when Job was tried, what he thought and determined to do in his heart showed God a result, and the result was satisfactory to God. Later, God took away the trials, and then, Job went out of the painful situation. Thereafter, the trials upon Job disappeared and never came again. Because he had undergone the trials and had stood and thoroughly triumphed over satan in the trials, God blessed him justifiably. Just as what is recorded in Job 42:10 and 12, Job once again received God’s blessing and received more than he had before. At that time, satan retreated, and it said nothing more and did nothing more. From then on, Job was never again disturbed or attacked by satan, and God’s blessing to him was never again accused by satan.