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Living Waters | God’s Word “Believing in God Should Focus on Actual Practice, Not Religious Rituals”

Almighty God says, ”Some men have a penchant for drawing attention to themselves. In the presence of his brothers and sisters, he says he is indebted to God, but behind their backs, he does not practice the truth and does entirely otherwise. Is this not as those religious Pharisees? A man who truly loves God and has the truth is one who is loyal to God, but does not outwardly reveal so. He is willing to practice the truth when matters arise and does not speak or act against his conscience. He demonstrates wisdom when matters arise and is principled in his deeds, no matter the circumstances. A man such as this is one who truly serves.”

The Church of Almighty God | Job Truly Experienced God’s Care for Man in His Agony

At that time, Job shed tears; he fought back his physical pain, but could no longer restrain his thankfulness for God: Man cannot withstand a blow, and man is weak and feeble, immature and ignorant. Why should you show your care and pity in such a way? Although you smite me, you yourself suffer. How can man be worthy of your care and concern? Job’s prayer came up to God’s ears. God kept silent and just watched quietly…. Satan exhausted its means but did not achieve its ends, so it retreated silently. However, God’s trial for Job did not come to an end on that account, because God’s great power revealed in Job was not made public yet. So Job’s story did not end with the retreat of satan. More wonderful episodes continued to be shown as different characters appeared.

Job’s Another Manifestation of Fearing God and Shunning Evil Is Extolling God’s Name in Everything

Job’s Another Manifestation of Fearing God and Shunning Evil Is Extolling God’s Name in Everything

Facing his wife’s counsel, Job rebuked this way: You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? (Job 2:10) This word was the knowledge Job had had for a long time, and it was only that the realness of Job’s knowledge was proved then.

from God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Godself (2)
in A Continuation of the Word Appears in the Flesh—The Way to Know God I

The Extraordinary Life Force of God | Short Film “Survival of Ordeals”

He is Huang Jie, an ordinary Christian of the Church of Almighty God. In April 2003, he was arrested by the CCP police when handling the church affairs. In the detention house, the policemen tortured him in many ways and tormented him within an inch of life time after time. When he was on the verge of death, Almighty God’s word supported and led him, bringing him out of the hopeless situation.

End Times | Almighty God’s Utterance “God’s Work and Man’s Work”

Almighty God says, “The work done by God Godself is a work that involves all mankind and is also a work that represents the entire age. That is to say, the work of God Godself represents the movement and the trend of all the work of the Holy Spirit. But the work of the apostles is to continue the work after the work of God Godself, and it is not to lead the age and does not represent the trend of the work of the Holy Spirit in the entire age. They are only doing the work man should do, which does not involve the management work. The work done by God Godself is an item in the management work, and the work done by men is only the duty performed by the men used, which has nothing to do with the management work.”